Did Those Statues "Walk"?

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When I was in Std 3, I remember how history fascinated me to bits. Studying about the Paleolithic Age, Neaderthals etc spurred my interest in archaeology. At one point, I wanted to be an archaeologist until my mom asked me if I wanted to survive on Bah-Kut-Teh made from dinosaur bones. That changed my mind forever. I know I would not have survived as an archaeologist because of my 'puteri lilin' characteristics which have been inherited by both my boys. Prolonged periods under the son trigger migraines, headaches and then I will be sick with fever for a few days. Still, all that never robbed me of my deep interest in the unknown. As such, I will be featuring a few posts on history. Check out The Giants of The Solomon Islands which I posted yesterday.

Thanks to one blogger whom I follow, Coyote Prime, I came across the following article about the statues in Easter Island from the Archaeology News Network:

Easter Island’s giant statues “walked” to their locations

The startling claim comes from archaeologists Terry Hunt of the University of Hawaii and Carl Lipo of California State University Long Beach, who showed how as few as 18 people could move a 5-ton statue with just some ropes and hopes. It sounds impossible, and contradicts other current theories. But it jibes with ancient village legends.

“The experts can say whatever they want,” 25-year-old Rapa Nui resident Suri Tuki told National Geographic. “But we know the truth. The statues walked.”

Some have suggested the 887 giant heads currently documented on the 63-square mile in the middle of the Pacific Ocean were built by stranded extraterrestrials, such as best-selling Swiss author Erich von Daniken. Others theorize the Peruvian Incas carved them. Modern science links them instead to Polynesia -- but how these peoples moved the heads from the quarry across miles of rocky island had remained a mystery. Scientists may have just discovered how.

CLICK HERE to read more about the experiments conducted by National Geographic and to watch the fascinating video!

The next post will be on Stonehenge.

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    cin2tan IF u were the archaeologist : u could be famous in digging in Lenggong & could afford all types of Bah-kut-teh !!

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