Santa Claus Came In July!

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It has been a glorious day for me!! The day started with a Viber call from my girlfriend who was my bridesmaid in 1983.

"What's your shoe size?" she asked.

*UK size 8 and US size 9  or 9.5, it all depends," I replied."Why?"

She went on to explain that she had bought a pair of Salomon shoes online but they had sent her the wrong size and she wanted to give it to me if it fits.

Happily, I told her that I was in KL last weekend and had bought a dress without trying it as I was hard pressed for time. Since it was size 42, I was quite confident that I could wear it but to my disappointment, I could not zip it fully. Also, I bought a white lacy top for a student whom I had been coaching for 10.5 yrs as a 16th birthday present but she did not like it so I could also give both items to her.

I was supposed to swing by her home on the way to meet some people for lunch but I was delayed as I had to try three  dresses before I was satisfied I looked reasonably presentable. After all, I was meeting my two close relatives and another beautiful friend who was Miss Malaysia a few years ago.

My cousin was the one who had been encouraging me for years to lose weight and finally, his advice bore fruit as I lost 29 pounds but maintained a 26 pound loss for 5 months. Sadly, I gained 2 pounds over the weekend. Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled when he said he would give me a one-year gym membership at the latest gym in town as a present!!! After lunch at the PSC, we went to the gym where I had a guided tour and signed up. So, I believe I will lose more pounds and more importantly, tone my body for a fitter,slimmer and healthier me! Quite a number of my friends are fitness freaks, marathon runners, gym addicts and have 6-pack abs (ladies and gentlemen included) so that's another reason for my commitment to health and fitness. I am definitely the heaviest and most unfit of all!

On my way home, I swung by my bridesmaid's house and voila - the shoes fitted me beautifully and the dress and blouse looked beautiful on her! *Thrilled to bits!*

When I reached home, I saw a receipt from Pos Laju saying that there was a package for me. After dinner, I drove to Victoria Street to pick it up. On the way there, I wondered who it could be that sent me the parcel and believe me, I had some bizarre thoughts that filled me with fear and dread!

With much excitement, I collected the package and it was a beautiful necklace and matching bracelet from my girlfriend Carol who runs popshop showroom and blogs at Pop Up Accessories. Swing by her site and you will be bedazzled by the beautiful range of accessories and clothes that she markets.

Well, it has really been a gloriously happy day for me. I still have to go down to town to pick up a bottle of virgin coconut oil from another former varsity mate who was in Penang when I was in KL. As for now,  I have to calm down and recover from the unexpected bonanza from relatives and friends!! I just want to express my grateful thanks  for their kindness and generosity!

Take care and have a wonderful evening and a good rest!

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