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For many people, weight loss is a struggle. Many people spend their time jumping on and off the scales only to find themselves disappointed. The reason so many people become disappointed is because they don't have their weight loss facts straight. Many people are misled when it comes to weight loss. Before you become frustrated, take time to read these weight loss facts.

Ten Weight Loss Facts to Keep in Mind #1: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

If you are exercising in hopes of speeding up the weight loss process, don't get discouraged if the scales won't budge. Even if your weight goes up a few pounds, this isn't a reason to get discouraged. The fact is, as you exercise, you will build muscle which will weigh more than fat. Instead of getting on your scale every week, pay more attention to other signs that show your weight loss.

Ten Weight Loss Facts to Keep in Mind #2: Starvation Slows Down Metabolism

Many people think they can simply cut their calorie intake down to 500 calories per day and speed up the weight loss process. The fact is, when you starve yourself, you are actually slowing your metabolism down. Your body will begin to hold onto to fat and calories as a means of sustaining itself.

Ten Weight Loss Facts to Keep in Mind #3: A Two Pound a Week Weight Loss is Healthy

Many people get discouraged after their second weigh in. This is normally because their first weigh in was a large number, such as 5 pounds. When they don't see another 5 pound weight loss, they become frustrated. Don't let this happen to you. The fact is, many doctors will tell you that a 2 pound weight loss is healthy and should be what you're reaching for each week.

Ten Weight Loss Facts to Keep in Mind #4: Exercise Will Increase Weight Loss

Many people feel that a simple change in their diet is enough to take off the extra pounds. But, the fact is, you need to exercise in order for your weight loss goals to be met. Exercising will increase muscle mass, which will in turn increase the amount of calories you burn each day.

Ten Weight Loss Facts to Keep in Mind #5: Diet Pills Can Be Deadly

Diet pills will cause you to lose weight, but is this weight loss worth risking your life over? Over the years, many diet pills have been pulled from the market because they caused heart attacks. Instead of rushing your weight loss, remember this little fact, and choose healthy foods and exercise for your weight loss regimen.

Ten Weight Loss Facts to Keep in Mind #6: There Are Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism

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    Kathy I suggest if someone is looking forward to weight loss, it should reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates to minimum. Otherwise it will be like fill in and fill out and get free consultation for weight loss Thanks

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