The Three Little Mousedeer

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I was among the many Malaysians who watched the final between Lin Dan and Chong Wei. I must confess that I closed my eyes in the last few moments of the match because I could not take the suspense. When the match ended, I had to destress and so I re-wrote an old piece which I had written many years ago...Here it is...

The Brave Sang Kancils

In the tropical forest of La-la-land, there lived three little kancils who had nothing but mutual respect for each other. They enjoyed their tranquil and peaceful life living in harmony with their environment and singing Bob Marley's Ah La La La Long song...

Using the resources from their tropical haven, each of them built a beautiful home for themselves.

One built a house of rare but strong lallang while another constructed a house of sticks.

The third one created a house of cow dung, clay and all kinds of grass and creepers shaped into bricks and baked in a small kiln. When they were finished, the three little kancils were satisfied with their handiwork and home so they settled down and lived in peace and self-determination after they got rid of the foul odour from the cow dung with the fresh lemon grass stalks and pandan leaves from the jungle.

By then, they had their own improved version of Bob Marley's Ah Lalala Song...Singing at the top of their voices in the serene forest had somehow unleashed their musical creativity in unexpected ways.

Most unexpectedly, their idyllic haven was soon shattered.

On one hot and humid day, a big bad wolf descended upon them with expansionist ideas.

He had seen the well-fattened kancils from afar and had grown very hungry physically and ideologically.

When the three little kancils saw the wolf, they ran helter skelter and sought refuge in the house of lallang.

The wolf ran up to the house and banged on the door, shouting, "Hello there, little Sang Kancils! It's only me - Mr. Wolfeedee Wolf! Please let me in! It is terribly hot out here and I need a glass of cold water."

The kancils shouted back, "Go the the river and drink to your heart's content there. We will not be fooled by your deceitful lies and have united to defend our homes and land."

By then, the three brave kancils had sent smoke signals to the other kancils living in their little haven. Aha!

Big bad wolves do not give up easily - especially when it came to servile and delicate-looking kancils no matter how much muscle they had.

Mr. Wolfeedee Wolf was adamant that the three little kancils must not deny him of what he thought to be his rightful claim and destiny. So he huffed and puffed and blew down the house of lallang. The frightened kancils ran to the house of sticks with the wolf was behind them in hot pursuit. Thankfully, they found refuge in their house of sticks. Or so they thought.

wolf, fangs, angry, rabid Pictures, Images and Photos

Soon, where the house of lallang had stood, Mr. Wolfeedee Wolf had already executed Plan A into action. A brainwave when sitting under the coconut tree one day came when one coconut fell on his head 'boing'.

He came up with a fantastic marketing plan and sold the parcels of land around the area to other big bad wolves who started all kinds of plantations in the vicinity. Their greed was the greatest motivator for success so they grew richer and richer as they took the land from the kancils and other living creatures of La-La-Land.

By then, they no longer sang Bob Marley's Ah Lalala Long and the air was filled with strains of Bob Marley's Get Up Stand Up for your rights...Don't give the fight...

Soon after, the wolf again banged on the door of the house of sticks and shouted, "Little Sang Kancils, little darlings, let me in! Don't be shy! It's only me, Mr. Wolfeedee Wolf. Since we are neighbours now, it is time we get to know each other."

The three little kancils shouted back, "Go and see your Maker, you evil, idiotic, carnivorous, imperialistic oppressor!"

Upon hearing that, Mr. Wolfeedee Wolf's blood pressure spiked to an all-time high. The enraged wolf huffed and puffed and blew down the house of sticks.

This time, the kancils ran to the house of bricks as they had long planned their escape route. Mr. Wolfeedee Wolf suddenly had supersonic energy from his outburst of anger and chased them so closely at their heels until they could smell his bad breath as the wind was blowing at them from behind.

By then, they did not know which was worst - being gassed to death by Mr Wolfeedee Wolf's very bad case of halitosis or to be devoured by his rotting teeth.

In a moment of madness, one of the brave kancils turned back and gasped.

Where the house of sticks had stood, Mr. Wolf had already put Plan B into place. Other evil wolves built a time-share condo resort complex for vacationing wolves, with each unit a fibreglass reconstruction of the house of sticks, as well as native curio shops, snorkeling in man-made lakes and tiger shows, the real type - not Thai girl shows! By Jove, all kinds of fast food restaurants, the usual nasi lemak sellers had already descended on them! Onwards they ran, faster for safety.

At the house of bricks, the wolf again banged on the door and shouted, "Little kancils, little kancils, please let me in! I am old and weary and this is not the way for a good wolf like me to die."

This time in response, the pigs sang solidarity songs and wrote letters of protest to the Freedom for Animals Organization. They also hung banners and set up websites to express their outrage and to spark off petitions.

Protecting Animals in Democracy LOGO Pictures, Images and Photos

By then, Mr Wolfeedee Wlf was totally consumed by anger and was outraged that the little kancils could not see the situation from his perspective.

He took a deep breath and huffed and puffed, and huffed and puffed and then...he started to shake...and tthen grabbed his chest and fell over dead from a massive heart attack brought on from eating too many fatty foods. If only he had taken his lecithin capsules regularly as advised by yours truly in my post here. :-)

The three little kancils rejoiced that indeed like in all fairy tales, good had once again triumphed over evil. So they started their victory dance around the Mr Wolfeedee Wolf's carcass.

The other kancils heard the celebration singing and united to liberate their homeland from the band of bandit wolves which had grown fat from their slothful lifestyle, lazing around and milking their resources away.

The unexpected army of heroic but tiny kancils attacked the resort complex Terminator-style with the latest artillery sponsored by Transformers, the Dark Knight, Spiderman, other super heroes and other wealthy kancils living in richer and more peaceful lands from afar. Their wonderful laser guns and rocket launchers completely annihilated their oppressors. By then, wordhad spread literally with the click of a mouse - oops I meant send a clear signal to all that they had risen to reclaim their land. No other creature ever dared to tresspass their land ever again..

The brave little kancils then googled for democratic processes and eventually set up the most ideal democractic system in the beautiful tropical jungle with free education, universal health care and affordable housing for all kancils -big and small, young and old, ugly and beautiful. And they lived happily ever after!!!

* This IS a fairy tale after all.:-)

Note: The wolf and kancils in this story is a metaphorical construct. No actual wolves or kancils were harmed in the writing of the story. Any resemblance to any living creature big or small, dead or alive or yet to be born is a pure coincidence. :-) This is a work of humour, satire and parody. That means the statements and information contained in these pages are by no means fact, and are offered solely as comedy material or as individual opinion.

Do leave a comment for I would love to hear your views. Thanks! Have a nice day!

2 comments to The Three Little Mousedeer

  1. says:

    cin2tan ALL were hoping Dato Lee to win but aku was thinking LD 'should' bcos of his grandmother's prayers !!
    ( noticed the clear tatoo on his left arm ? )

    btw : LCW ( L-et C-hina W-in )!!??

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Ya, a medical doctor friend of mine kept talking about the significance of that tattoo!

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