The Thinnest and Shortest Books

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  1. Things I Love about Bill by Hillary Clinton
  2. Everything Men Know about Women
  3. Everything Women Know about Men
  4. Beauty Secrets by Janet Reno
  5. Home Built Airplanes by John Denver
  6. How to Get to the Super Bowl by Dan Marino
  7. My Life's Memories by Ronald Reagan
  8. Things I Can't Afford by Bill Gates
  9. Things I Would Not Do for Money - by Dennis Rodman
  10. The Wild Years - by Al Gore
  11. Amelia Earhart 's Guide to the Pacific Ocean
  12. America's Most Popular Lawyers
  13. Detroit - a Travel Guide Dr. Kevorkian 's
  14. Collection of Motivational Speeches
  15. All the Men I've Loved Before - by Ellen Degeneres
  16. Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating Etiquette
  17. Spotted Owl Recipes - by the Sierra Club
  18. The Amish Phone Directory
  19. My Plan to Find the Real Killers - by O. J. Simpson
  20. My Book of Morals - by Bill Clinton

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