Why A Medical School Rejected His Application

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The following is why a 'brainy' dreamer's application for Medical School got rejected.....

Question: Define the Following Terms

Antibody: against everyone
Artery: the study of fine paintings
Bacteria: back door to a cafeteria
Benign: what you have after eight
Cardiology: advance study of poker playing
Cat Scan: searching for lost kitty
Chronic: neck of a crow
Coma: Punctuation mark
Cyst: short of Sister
Diagnosis: person with slanted nose
Dislocation: in this place
Duodenum: couple in jeans
Enema: not a friend
False Labor: pretending to work
Gallbladder: bladder in a girl
Hernia: she is close by
Hymen: greeting to several males
Labor Pain: hut at work
Lactose: person without digits on
Liposuction: a French Kiss
Lymph : walk unsteadily
Menopause: I no wait
Microbes: small dressing gowns
Obesity: city of Obe
Pacemaker: winner of Nobel Peace Prize
Protein: a favour of teens
Pulse: grain
Pus: small cat
Red Blood Count: Dracula
Rupture: ecstasy
Secretion: hiding anything
Serum: Sailors drink
Subcutaneous: not cute enough
Suture: Gujarati word for "what do you want"
Tablet: small table

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