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 Established since 2009, the Whyte House Early Childhood Education Centre is the result of a collaborate development between Porpoise Marketing and USM CP-TAG.

The Whyte House was created based on the 4 important education philosophies:-  INTRODUCING, EXPERIMENTING, ENFORCING, and ASSOCIATING. You can read more about their philosophy at THIS FACEBOOK LINK.

This afternoon, the Whyte House will be holding their monthly piano recital at 4.30p.m. My son is one of the performers. :-)

Members of the public are cordially invited to attend this recital today.

The Whyte House believes that learning music helps in the development of a child.  However parents are to focus on examinations and thus do not understand the power and importance of music.

At The Whyte House Music School, the team believe music is more than examinations. They believe that students should be able to perform and express themselves via music.

Their basic philosophy is that music is not a race but rather a journey that should be enjoyed and cherished. Music helps in the development of a persons personality and the effect last a life time (only if it is taught properly).

With such values, the owners of the Whyte House decided to build a concert hall at their Bukit Jambul Kindergarten so that their students will have a venue to perform.With this, they will also be motivated to achieve heights of excellence.

The concert hall is equiped with a grand piano and has a capacity of 70 pax.

The monthly piano recitals are open to the public. You are all invited to attend the recital which will be held at:

Venue: The Whyte House, 45 Lebuh Bukit Jambul
Time: 4.30p.m.

See you there!

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