Stuck in a Well

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You might think this is an ordinary story of a baby stuck in a well and a frantic mother wailing with worry for her darling. I am sure many of us can relate to such a situation when our babies are in danger. The following video clip showcases the despair of a  mother elephant fretting over her baby calf which was rescued by elephant conservationists from the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Keny.

On that fateful day, a team of elephant conservationists from the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Kenya received a call about a baby stuck in a five-foot hole dug by Masai tribesmen. They raced to the site of the accident.

They discovered that the calf was fine the eight-month-old baby elephant could not climb out because the hole was too deep. The mother was nearby - helpless and visibly in great distress.

Worse still,  the mother elephant regarded the rescuers as a threat to her baby and almost sat on the Land Rover.

According to the driver, Dr. Vicki Fishlock who is resident scientist of the elephant trust, recognized the mother, Zombe, from a mark on her ear.

The video shows how she scared Zombe away with a high-pitched yell and maneuvered her jeep around her - a means to distract the mother elephant while the two men managed to get rope around the baby.

Then they attached the line to their vehicle, reversed the car and succeeded in pulling the elephant calf out of the hole.

What a beautiful ending we can see at the end of the video clip. The baby quickly runs to the mother's side :-). The following photo from The Daily Mail shows how the mother Zombe and baby elephant are running towards each other after the great rescue mission is over. Great is a mother's love :-).

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Fishlock noted to Yahoo News in an email, "Our biggest fears for the elephants of Amboseli and elsewhere lie not with their sharing land with the Masai, who we work with and who report elephant emergencies to us, but from the burgeoning ivory trade."

She added, " We are delighted by the web response to our video, and we hope it persuades people that elephants are special and deserve to be protected and cherished."

Tragically,  thousands of elephants are slaughtered across Africa and various parts of the world solely for their ivory tusks, used to make trinkets that are in high demand in Asia.

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