Frightening Facts About Fracking

Posted by M ws On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 0 comments
After lunch today, I was enjoying my usual Werthers Caramel sweet when the word 'fracking' pop into my head. I must have seen it somewhere in the net and it registered a place in my memory. Fracking? As tradition would have it, I Googled for the word and lo and behold, I found 3.24 million links about 'franking'.

Curious, I surfed many links and am still reeling in shock upon discovery of the frightening facts. Indeed, ignorance is bliss.

Anyway, if you have time, please check out:

1. CNN's article which has 841 comments: Debate over fracking, quakes gets louder

2. How Fracking is a danger to your health

3. Five Weird and Frightening Effects of Fracking You May Not Know About

4. THIS LINK which has many revealing articles about Fracking.

Take care and have a pleasant evening. Do swing by later in the evening for Seven Spooky Stories!

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