Seven Spooky Stories

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Recently, I came across Claudia Castañeda's post on 7 Spooky Stories of Haunted Houses In Bogota.

La Candelaria, the mysterious and magical birthplace of Bogota, Colombia, boasts a long and dramatic history, and some believe that the neighborhood's houses, many of which are more than 200 years old, may be home to ghosts and paranormal phenomena. Most people chalk up these stories as myths and urban legends, but residents of the sector assure people that many of them are real – scary real.

Story # 1 San Vitorio Di Torino Hotel contained 400-year-old human remains

The numerous ghost appearances in the district are attributed to the fact that formal cemeteries didn't exist until relatively recently. For hundreds of years, people buried the dead in their home gardens, as was the case in the San Vitorio Di Torino Hotel, where the discovery of 400-year-old human remains added credence to guests' claims of paranormal activity.

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