Watch That Mole!

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Most of us have moles of various colours, shapes and sizes. In fact, most researchers believe most adults have about 15 to 20 skin moles on their body.

I have a blue mole somewhere on my arm. Strangely, my late father also had a blue mole on the exact spot. And even more strangely, my older boy also has a mole (not a blue one though) on the same spot. I discovered that to a certain extent, moles can be genetic!

On a more scary note, the fact remains that not all moles are safe/harmless. But that does not mean each of us starts examining every single mole on our body on a daily basis!  LOL!!! The sad truth is that some moles may develop into various types of life-threatening cancers.

It is advisable to examine skin moles and discern if they are harmless or hazardous.

Moles are formed because of the melanocyte cells in our skin which produce melanin - that substance which determines the colour of our hair, skin and eyes. However, when those melanocyte cells don't spread evenly and grow in clusters, moles will be formed. If they grow normally, it is harmless but not if they grow abnormally.

CLICK HERE for visual illustrations and clear and simple explanations about moles.

CLICK HERE for pictures and explanations of abnormal moles.

The following are characteristics of dangerous moles:

  •  larger than an eraser on a pencil.
  •  inconsistent shape or color.
  •  bleeds spontaneously.
  • painful or itchy.
  • changes in size and color.
  • experience inflammatory changes that cannot be justified by an external factor.
  • keeps reappearing after removal
  • etc. so please do more research on your own.

Most importantly, if you suspect something amiss, contact your doctor immediately! Wishing you a healthy and happy day!

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