Th Real American Problem

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My late mother had six sisters - two passed away and one is in a nursing home. My eldest aunt, a spinster, is 98 years old and migrated to US in the 1970's. Forty years later, whenever my eldest aunt came back to visit, she always talked about returning to Malaysia for good. When I asked her why, her reply was health care.

In many ways, Malaysians are very lucky compared to Americans. Over there, one may not have access to medical services without any medical insurance policy which is certainly more expensive than the already exorbitant premiums we pay here. My aunt returned to Malaysia for good a few years ago and lives in Machang Bubok with her adopted daughter.

One of my cousins,who lives in San Francisco, flies all the way back to Penang for his dental treatment. He exclaimed that even with the flight tickets and dental bill, the total is still way cheaper than what he had to pay in US.

Interestingly, I came across an article in Renewing America which clearly stated that America's real problem is none other than health care. Excerpt:

A comprehensive deal to put the U.S. on a sustainable fiscal path, one that includes both tax and entitlement reform, has thus far proved elusive for policymakers. As Washington gears up for a series of heated budget battles in 2013, former White House budget director and CFR Senior Fellow Peter Orszag notes how improving value in healthcare can both shore up Treasury’s bottom line and shield U.S. workers from the effects of globalization.CLICK HERE for more.

CLICK HERE for a range of articles on this topic in Financial Times.

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