The Beloved Who Is Greatly Loved

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It is not easy to have a dog. The last time I had a dog was 27 years ago, a beautiful Golden Retriever who died tragically when she ran across the road. Then, I was up in Genting Highlands with my aunt. It was my husband who was looking after Goldie then. Needless to say, it was a very painful experience and my husband never allowed me to have another dog till Tiger came into our lives.

So far, Tiger has brought so much laughter, joy and love into our lives. I admit it has been quite challenging. Being quite an OCD character (although not a full-blown one), I have been sweeping and mopping my house a few times a day. Sometimes - six times. It was seven times yesterday and none today cos I am so tired. Then there are the walks and daily exercise we have had to give him, not forgetting talking to him, giving him body massage lovingly when he sits with us .

We took Tiger for his jabs today. Before we reached the vet's clinic, he knew. And he tugged at his leash. However, the docile darling walked in gingerly after coaxing him. The vet gave us many tips after he examined Tiger.

1. We opted for the ten in one vaccination package
2. The vet gave him a heart guard blood test and Tiger has a clean bill of health.
3. Tiger was de-wormed.
4. We bought the following stuff for him:
  • toothpaste
  • dental snacks
  • talcum powder
  • Eye lotion
  • anti fungus/anti tick fur treatment as Dr Goh said must make sure his skin problem does not recur
  • Chewy leather bones cos he does nor like the one we bought from another pet shop
  • A new toy ball cos he destroyed his favorite ball yesterday...that belonged to my sons (a colourful soft ball with a bell inside)
  • Talcum powder n dry cleaning powder so he is not smelly.

Today, the vet taught us how to brush Tiger's coat and how to clean his eyes. CLICK HERE to watch the viideoYou can see for yourself what an adorable darling he is. :-)

Look at his handsome face after he was brushed :-).

CLICK HERE for another video.

He will be back next month for booster shots n for Dr to clean his ears.

In March he will have to go for scaling.

The bill was a bomb but it is OK cos we want to give Tiger the best because we love him. He was flat out in the car on the way home. What a darling he is!

In March he will undergo scaling as he does have bad breath. My husband has been commissioned to brush his teeth every morning!

The bill was a bomb and more than what we can afford but it is OK because we want to give Tiger the best because we love him.

Tiger is very precious to us and I cannot begin to describe we much we really love him. My son brushes his coat everyday and he get to enjoy gives walks five to six times a day. Thanks to my constant sweeping and mopping, my back injury has resurfaced and I have been in pain for two days.

Tiger loves to chew - paper and books. He pinched a book from a friend's bag a few days ago and chewed the cover. Then he loves to chew tissue boxes but I managed to solve the problem by spraying citronella oil on the tissue box and tissue box cover. So far, he seems to have developed a distaste for tissues now :-).

My beloved is a very sensitive and emotional dog. On Sunday..we were out for four hours with Nicholas' piano teacher and his wife. When we came back, Tiger had pee-ed on my favorite chair and after we took him for his walk, he ignored us the whole night!!!!

Whilst writing this mail, a courier man came to deliver a package from Poh Ai who had sent me two books on dogs and a list of toxic substances that dogs must not eat. Tiger was left standing at the main door when I went to collect it. By the time I returned three minutes later...he had pee-ed on the floor ..His way of showing his displeasure. :-(

Other than his 'tantrums'...tiger is the most adorable dog.

My son, hubby n myself love him very much n are always trying to assess who tiger loves most. He can play politics very well for in the absence if others... he is on his ultra super-duper 'I am a canine angel' behaviour.

He loves to be cuddled and massaged in the evenings n sits beside one of us on the sofa, head in the lap.

Every morning when I wake up, I am so thankful for the way Tiger entered our lives. Certainly, he has helped us to love, to care for him and most of all, he has drawn the family together.

Please leave a comment if you have any stories to share about your pets.

Please excuse me now for it is time to give Tiger his tummy tickles and massage :-).

Have a pleasant evening!

This post is dedicated to four persons:

1. Kong Loke who arranged for the adoption. Thank you!!
2. Bernard, who let us have Tiger. Thank you!
3. Poh Ai, my dear friend who has been such an inspiration guiding me along and for her gift of two books that arrived via courier service today. Thank you for being an angel!
4. Dr. Goh - who is really the best veterinarian I have ever seen in Penang! From 1973 to 1985, my dogs were under the care of four different vets. Dr. Goh is sincere, thorough and a very practical, caring vet. Thank you for the way you have taught us to give Tiger better care and love.

7 comments to The Beloved Who Is Greatly Loved

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    patches Hee hee, never one to miss a request - dear friend, here's my two cents worth of comments... Mind you, good that you guys are so loving and caring with Tiger, but for me, a good & kind hearted but LAZY person, I like to apply 'chiak pah boh min kian choh'. Nevertheless, enjoy - I won't mind playing with a clean pet but otherwise, it's a no, no, no!!! :)

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    Gem I, too, have a dog (one of three) called Tiger, who is a boxer mix with a brindle coat and stripes on her thigh which inspired her name. Though she is a female, I thought better of naming her Tigress. Your Maltese Tiger couldn't be less tiger-ish in appearance and is one lucky dog with all the pampering lavished on him. Congratulations on overcoming your husband's previous objection to your owning a dog after losing your Golden years ago. Looking forward to more cute posts of Tiger and the day when he outgrows those pee-ing episodes.

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    masterwordsmith Dear Patches

    Seriously, please consider getting a dog. If not for my husband, I would have had one looooooong ago but the death of Goldie really shook me up and even the marriage haha...the vet was so shocked when he heard my experience.

    Basically, I love pets. When I was young I had chicks. When they were too big, my mom would take them back to the chicken seller and exchange them for young chicks and this went on for ages until I asked for rabbits. When my rabbits escaped, I never had any more pets as my mom said I was not ready for pets :-(.

    After Goldie died, I had hamsters - nine cages and even a maze and lookout tower plus roller coaster extensions from UK which a student gave me.

    Well, you can keep pets and make sure they are clean.

    When my Tiger goes out, I look where he goes and make sure he only walks on the road and that he avoids dirty stuff. Upon reaching home, I clean his paws with a wet rag. :-)

    Tiger is so adorable and he always wants to be with us.

    His eyes filled with sadness when we say good night to him always break out hearts.


    Then he waits outside my son's door when he goes to bed. After some time, he comes down to look for me. When I go to sleep, he waits outside :-(. So, I often sleep very late these days - not because of surfing but talking to him outside my bedroom! :-)

    Thank you for your spontaneous response. I appreciate it! Take care and please keep in touch.

    Have a great day!


  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Gem,

    You ARE a real GEM! Thank you so much for sharing about your beautiful Tiger :-). She sounds like a real beauty!! I love boxers! They are cute - ugly but beautiful. There is just something appealing about their droopy sad-looking eyes. It is rare to find mixed breeds or any dog with stripes on their thighs so you have a precious one there.

    Thank you for sharing my joy over adopting Tiger and for your encouraging comments. The truth is this adorable Tiger has softened the lioness of the house :-) for Tiger does not like loud or rough tones. A lesson in patience. If he is scolded, he looks at me with such indignant eyes as if to say, "Me? You are scolding me? Awwww I know I did wrong and should not have chewed that sheet of paper but why that tone?"

    Actually, Tiger is a West Highland terrier. Maltese pups are also very cute. Tiger is two years old and it is his birthday tomorrow!

    I still remember the other two comments you shared in my blog and often look at them, especially the one about my mother - In Retrospect.

    Unfortunately, when I was being stalked, I had to remove that post but I saved your comment.

    I just want you to know that you touched my life with that comment and I really wept. In case I don't get to catch you in another post, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a very blessed birthday (advanced greeting) for next month. I will remember you on that day.

    And you are right. I really look like my mother - who was indeed a very special woman. In many ways, I am like her but not as good as her. I cannot sew like she did nor cook like her. Neither do I have her confidence. However, I have her temper haha which has largely been defused now with much patience thanks to Tiger.

    I am sorry I took so long to respond to that comment. It is not that it did not mean anything. But it is because it is one of the most beautiful comments anyone has written for me and till today, I am very touched by it. And always remember Gem :-) even though I do not know who you are.

    I will certainly share more Tiger Tales and hope you will share yours too!

    Take care and thank you for reaching out. Do keep in touch!

    Best wishes to you and your canine darlings

  1. says:

    Gem Firstly, my apologies for the blunder on confusing your Westie for a Maltese (note to self - brush up on cute white dog breeds). Truth be told - my boxer mix is not pretty in any sense of the word but she's the smartest of the three (which include an Alsatian and an adopted bush-tailed stray). In fact, one of my son's friends claimed that she's the ugliest dog he's ever seen. So I've got them in all sizes - S, M and L! Purebreeds are naturally more high-maintenance as they are more prone to afflictions of all kinds. Perhaps Tiger came into your life as an antidote to your self-confessed borderline OCD!

    Thank you for your appreciative words on my months-old comment *reaching for tissue*. So sorry to know there's a stalker in cyberspace distorting your stats. How exasperating it must make you feel! Rest assured that most of your readers follow your blog with a healthy interest. I will bear in mind your kind invitation to comment topically from time to time.

    Happy birthday, Tiger!

  1. says:

    Gem Oops, typo error: Line 4 of my comment above should read "bushy-tailed".

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Gem

    My grateful thanks to you for your spontaneous and heartfelt response. I am sure you love your dogs whatever their looks. Day by day, we love Tiger more and only wish we had adopted him earlier!

    I waited 27 years for a dog and God really knew the best time and the best dog for me. Indeed, Tiger came at a time to soften my hardened heart which used to be soft. The paradox of life!

    As a borderline OCD, you can imagine how irritated I feel when my stats are messed up by that stalker. I appreciate that she/he is now using different servers/IP addresses/browsers to come. I don't mind - as long as it does not distort the figures of some posts and throws me off course.

    Thank you for your encouragement. I marvel at how there are readers who follow my eccentric inclinations.

    For a few days it could be jokes and then health and then anything that takes my fancy.

    Currently, I am into serious well-written stuff :-).

    Yes, please share your views whenever you can. I may not always comment on time or publish asap like in the past but I will respond when time permits.

    FYI, some photos of Tiger:

    1. Tiger getting his latest toy from his basket:

    2. Tiger waiting for the young master to return from squash training...

    Take care and God bless!

    Oh son just told me, "I've bad news for you, mom..."

    You can imagine what it is....and on my bed. :-(

    How to wash the bedlinen at 10:49pm?

    Boohoohoo..still - I love Tiger...



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