Why Are You Doing This? Kindly Stop This! TQ! *updated*

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This post is specially for ONE PARTICULAR READER who comes into my blog occasionally and then reads MANY pages at one go. To that reader, I know you are still coming to check this post so please SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE 10th January update. TQ.

Seriously, this is ABNORMAL behaviour. Even at the height of my net addiction in 2011, I never ever spent such a long time in any one site and certainly never read more than 5 blog posts in any site.

I blogged about this in THIS POST on November 22nd, 2012.

If I am online or alert and know that she is at it again, (YES, I BELIEVE IT IS A WOMAN based on what she reads)I will close my blog for ten to twenty minutes so that she gets the message.

If ever you click on my url and the page says SIGN INTO BLOGGER, know that I took my blog off because of HER!!!

She first came in at 8:56am this morning:

The visitor with IP: and Hostname:gw.shp.roche.com visited your site the  Wed 09 Jan,08:56:36.

After she went through SEVEN pages of my blog from 08:56:36am to 9:15:52am, I closed my blog for twenty minutes. Then she went away.

At 1:43pm she returned and spent 2 hours and 28 minutes in my blog and went through 63 pages.

The visitors with IP: and Hostname:gw.shp.roche.com visited your site the  Wed 09 Jan,13:43:49.

From 1:43:49 till 3:52:59pm, she went through 56 pages of my blog.

If not for the fact that I was busy with my dog who had just gone for vaccinations, I would have closed my blog for a while.

Since the time I started tracking her on Nov 21, 2012, she has gone through 389 pages of my blog. I lost the earlier configuration I set in 2011 when I tweaked my settings. Otherwise, the results would have been more shocking.

You can see my other post about her HERE where she read 202 pages in 24 hours.

These are the reasons for my reaction.

1. I have publicly told this reader before:

a. Since January 3rd 2012, I do not write on politics and will never ever write on political issues again. So, there is no point scanning page by page for my articles. You can never catch me writing on political issues in my own backyard ever again.

What she does is to go to different pages and refresh. Then she scrutinizes the six posts as listed in the front page and selects what she wants to read.

b. If she is looking for any particular post, all she has to do is to write to me at writetomws at hush dot ai and I will be happy to supply her or anyone else the article she is looking for instead of her messing up my Google Analytics and statistics.

2. I study the readership trends of my blog NOT because I am a blog addict but because:

a. I want to know what are the topics that interest my readers
b. I want to know which are the peak times whereby most readers come in so that I can put more important posts there.
c. I want to know from which country they come so that I can understand the cultural background of my readers so as not to post anything which might be offensive to them.

So dear reader who uses:

Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0
Browser Language: English (United States)
Operating System: Windows 7

and comes into my blog via  IP:, please sign up for an email subscription to my blog via the widget in the right column that says subscribe via email and you will not have to waste time scanning through my blog the way you are doing. I am very flattered and happy you are spending time on my posts and hope you find value in the content.

But please do not mess up my blog statistics this way.

I do not want a spike in my pages viewed because of ONE PERSON and it gives me a very distorted view of public reaction to my blog content.

I try my best to meet readers' reading preferences even though 99.9% do not comment.

For other readers, many of you have subscribed but you have not verified your email address by clicking on the link Feedburner sent to you. Please do so and my blog posts will be delivered to your inbox before 6am everyday.

So to that particular reader who uses Hoffman Laroche ISP, please understand my situation and the importance of blog statistics to me.

It helps me a lot in my planning and research. So if you do wish to read, kindly do not just keep refreshing this way like what you have been doing cos each time the page refreshes, it is considered as one visit. I value honesty in statistics and hope they will be accurate.

While writing this post, she came in again:

The visitors with IP: and Hostname:gw.shp.roche.com visited your site the  Wed 09 Jan,18:41:32 and went through eight pages.

At 6:50pm, I closed my blog. She left via flickspire dot com from "masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Cup or the Coffee?" at 18:50:38.

And then she came in again three minutes later:

The visitors with IP: and Hostname:gw.shp.roche.com visited your site the on Wed 09 Jan,18:53:49. 

By then, I closed the blog at 18:50:50pm. And she knows I know she is here. For after that attempt, she did not try again even though she is still online. 

It is now 6:59 p.m. I am posting this after I re-open my blog.

To that strange reader, kindly email me at writetomws at hush dot ai and I will be happy to engage you in a discussion.

If you want to talk to me via phone, please email me and I will be happy to call you back at my expense. I really want to know why you are doing this. Do subscribe to my feeds and I hope you will not mess up my blog statistics any more. Thank you very much.

Update: Oops she did it again:

The visitors with IP: and Hostname:gw.shp.roche.com visited your site the  Wed 09 Jan,19:30:46

See the following screenshot:

10th January update at 1:43p.m.

Whoever you are, who are you? Do I know you? I think I do although we have never met or spoken to each other.

I know you have read this post because you are no longer using the Hoffman server. You are now using a different host and different server. Obviously you did not read the earlier post I wrote about you AT THIS LINK. Hence, you went on scanning my blog posts. And I must say you are good. Clearly, you are quite IT savvy because this time you bypassed a number of trackers. :-)

So this brings me to the eternal following questions:

Who are you?
Why are you monitoring my blog? 
Why do you go through page by page of each blog page that lists six posts? 
Who engaged you for this assignment?

Even if you are just an ordinary citizen, it just does not gel. No one sits there at the pc to glean a blog that meticulously and may I add for so many months over the past few years even if it is not on a daily basis.

Just subscribe to my blog and it will save you a lot of time. Serious.

It is going to be very tough for you to scan my blog I archive my posts on a daily basis so it is very tedious to find out what I had been blogging for the past six months. And I guess that is why you have to keep refreshing the page. So to save time, just contact me and I will tell you the tags that can lead you to the posts you are looking for.

FYI, I do not tag some posts and have COMPLETELY DELETED over 800 political articles I had written. I do not even have the original articles because these have all been shredded and deleted because I seriously believe I wasted my life from August 2008 till January 3 2012 writing on those topics. And I am apolitical now.

You came in today, 10th January at 11:43:01am and this time you only read this page.

If you are a cybertrooper, please be assured that I do not ever want to write on politics any more. I don't even read the news. And the reason? Disillusionment. Both sides now are the same. Simple. 100% apolitical. So I spend my time now on my dog, on health issues and developing myself. If you wish to ask me questions, write to me at writetomws at hush dot ai.

Think you also had a friend who came in via Russian Federation at 11:38:32 4.5 minutes before you arrived. He should upgrade his pc cos Windows 98 is so passe.

I mean you no malice. I am only writing to you because of the spike in my page views which throws me off in my daily analysis of my blog so I hope you understand my position. I appreciate you reading my blog for the past two years. Take care and I hope to discover your real identity one day. God bless you.

P.S. Part of your record for the first half of yesterday..Bold parts show you were scanning.

 Time Page
  8:56 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

  8:59 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

  9: 3 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Fiscal Cliff

  9: 5 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Direction of the Compromise - Mauldin

  9: 9 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

  9:11 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Direction of the Compromise - Mauldin

  9:15 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Direction of the Compromise - Mauldin

 13:43 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:44 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:44 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:45 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:46 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:47 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:48 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:50 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:51 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:53 masterwordsmith-unplugged: From Dream to Nightmare 

 13:54 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:54 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:55 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:55 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:56 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Amazing Sentence

 13:56 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:56 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 13:57 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The iPhone Contract for the Son from the Mom

 13:57 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Halloween Kiss

 14: 3 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14: 4 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14: 5 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Folded Napkin

 14: 5 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14: 5 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14: 5 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14: 7 masterwordsmith-unplugged: For Always...

 14:12 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:14 masterwordsmith-unplugged: That Wonderful Jukebox

 14:14 masterwordsmith-unplugged: That Which is Close to My Heart

 14:16 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:17 masterwordsmith-unplugged: Enoki or Velvet Shank Mushroom Prevents Cancer

 14:17 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:19 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:19 masterwordsmith-unplugged: Standing On The Shore

 14:19 masterwordsmith-unplugged: Mid-Week Humour

 14:24 masterwordsmith-unplugged: Einstein's Prediction - A Generation of Idiots?

 14:24 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:26 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Dangerous Trends in Technology

 14:27 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:27 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:28 masterwordsmith-unplugged 

 14:42 masterwordsmith-unplugged: The Steubenville High School Rape Case

 14:49 masterwordsmith-unplugged: What You Did Not Know about EMF and RF!

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