For Heaven's Sake, Think Again!

Posted by M ws On Tuesday, February 5, 2013 4 comments
I do not read the news at all and only know what's happening if a friend tells me via whatsapp, viber or email. Recently, I was utterly appalled not just at the news that Psy is coming to perform in Penang but also by the reactions of the general public.

Previously, I declared that I will not write on political issues but this evening, what I have to say is nothing political. It has to do with sheer common sense. There are MORE important issues at stake rather than politicising this proposed event.

1. Some said that the event will put Penang in the tourism map.

For heaven's sake, use your brains. Does it make sense that a Malaysian company pays a FOREIGNER $$$ at an event purportedly to celebrate Chinese New Year? In what ways are they promoting Penang?

If there is poor traffic management and this is reported by international news agencies, what sort of impression will potential tourists have of Penang?

2. How can a Korean be engaged for an event that heralds the new Lunar Year?

Why can't the money be used to hire LOCAL artistes? I am sure we have a lot of talent within our boundaries.

Why can't they get stars such as:
  • Michael Wong who hails from Ipoh
  • Fish Leong who hails from Bahau
  • Ah Niu who hails from Butterworth

3. Don't Malaysians realize that the $$$ used to pay a foreign artiste is actually an invisible import? How many are aware that it means our ringgit is leaving our shores and can impact our balance of payments?

4. In 2008, there were massive traffic jams around the area for hours. This time, I expect things to be worse.

Have the authorities concerned outlined/prepared a blueprint for traffic management?

5. What about safety issues? Will there be enough police and Red Crescent/St John Ambulance personnel on duty to deal with situations that need first aid attention etc?

6. I could not believe it when I read that some asked supporters to wear clothes of a particular colour. Aiyo - we are not kindergarten kids to be commanded what to wear. It is everyone's right to choose whatever coloured clothes we want to wear. Besides, such a call kind of endorses the event.

7. The company sponsoring the event and footing the entertainer's bill has the right to do whatever their hearts desire for the $$$ is from their profits.

However, instead of condemning this company, Malaysians ought to find out what is the company/its connections and then contact the company directly to make special requests rather than ranting publicly and making all kinds of unsupported allegations. We need evidence to support those allegations. And so far, none has surfaced.

8. Any one with the right mind would know that the Han Chiang venue is not a suitable place for the concert. It is illogical that a huge sum of money is spent for a performance by an international star at a venue that has poor accoustics. If they really want to bring in a world class pop star, then hold it at a world class venue - a place that merits such a colossal expenditure and can showcase the prowess of the star.

So why Han Chiang? Why Psy? Phonetically, some Chinese may regard his name in negative terms cos it sounds the same as the word for 'sh*t' or quite close to 'death' in Cantonese.

Let's support home grown Malaysian talent during such an auspicious occasion. Let us respect Chinese culture by putting up performances that are related to Chinese and/or Malaysian culture.

What has gangnam got to do with Chinese New Year?

Over to you, readers. Your views are most welcome.

4 comments to For Heaven's Sake, Think Again!

  1. says:

    patches The brilliant mind at work- THANK YOU -
    Indeed you know lah, all those trying hard to re-capture Penang belong to the BN, Brains nil, group, and their style is to use money to buy over people's mind and heart. We don't need to throw money out even if it is a corporate that's sponsoring the event, this could be put to good use for the good of all citizens.
    Hence we have to ensure ABU in GE13.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Thank you, Patches. It is always such a joy to hear from you.

    All efforts should be executed intelligently, convincingly and elegantly in good taste.

    Alas, the kind of lambasting that goes on certainly shows the state of Malaysian education and the slow death of critical thinking skills.

    Well, the next GE is looming round the corner and it will be a fight to finish.

    I sincerely hope that both sides of the divide will field quality candidates who have the calibre to lead and to make positive differences in the lives of ordinary Malaysians...most of all, in our beloved country.

    Take care and God bless! Do stay in touch.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

    Kind regards

  1. says:

    UP41 Well this is not the first and this will not be the last. Political inclination will not guarantee sanity. Quality candidates for GE? PK your hope for that is unlike to come true.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Deep inside, UP41, I dream that there could be a few that can answer the call to duty and rise to the occasion to herald a new beginning for our country but in reality...

    Nonetheless, dreams keep us alive and positive....

    Thank you for sharing, UP41, and for that knock to reality!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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