Something In Your Eyes

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Whenever I go for a karaoke session with friends, I never fail to sing Close to you and Something In Your Eyes. What to do? Loyal fan of The Carpenters.

For me, the eyes reveal a lot. I would never trust anyone who does not look at me in the eye when talking to me, and would definitely stay away from those who look the other way. Such body language can speak volumes louder than words. Once upon a time, I fell in love with someone who has beautiful brown eyes. I think the most telling part of man is our eyes. That is for sure. If there is anything that can make my heart melt, it is not wealth but the eyes and intelligence ...and the one who dares to talk to me eyeball to eyeball...

According to Wikipedia:

Something in Your Eyes is a song from Richard Carpenter's debut solo album, Time.

It reportedly was to have been the lead single off what would have been the Carpenters' follow-up to their 1981 album Made in America; however, Karen Carpenter died before having had the opportunity to lay down a vocal track (although, according to Richard's album notes, Karen had been very excited and looking forward to recording the song).

Richard ultimately chose Dusty Springfield to record the vocal in conjunction with his arrangement, backing vocals and instrumentation. It peaked at #12 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

In 2008, the song was released and revived by Philippine singer Claire de la Fuente as her comeback single from the album Something in Your Eyes. (Wikipedia).

Click here for Dusty Springfield's version of Something In Your Eyes. This version is my favourite because of the way she projects the emotions in her singing.

Click here for Claire de la Fuente's version. It is a good interpretation but nothing compared to Dusty Springfield's version.

And OVER HERE is my version of the song. Bad recording. I did something to the settings and the playback is of poor quality so the minus one track is way too soft. Still, I sang it twice this evening and recorded this the second time. Nothing great but it IS one of my favourite songs because I am a die hard romantic - the type that expects to be wooed and then swoon, collapse. The former never happened but faint - yes :-). The recording is quite soft cos it was almost midnight when I sang this. Listen at your own peril!

Something In Your Eyes

There was a certain face
That filled a thousand nights
With all the sweetest dreams and promises
Of paradise
But that face was gone
When the dawn would come and steal you
Yet I still could feel you
Waiting just a kiss away

I'd surely know your face
When love would cast its spell
I'd recognize each curve and line of you
I knew it well
Now at last you're here and I can tell

(*) Something in your eyes it seems
Is all I've ever wanted
(And) Something in your smile for me
Is calling out my name
Your eyes, it seems,
Are mirrors of my dreams
In ways I can't explain
And my heart will never be the same

We never said a word
As if we'd always known
That through the bittersweet of waiting
We were not alone
Now we're close enough
For the touch of love to find us
Fantasies designed us
But they never really could
Begin to measure you
No pictures ever do
And as I watch you framed in sunlight
And a sky of blue
I know what my life's been leading to

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