No Ordinary Moonlit Evening

Posted by M ws On Monday, February 25, 2013 6 comments
This year has been the quietest Chinese New Year in my entire life due to an unfortunate incident which left me horizontal most of the time. On a positive note, the last day of the Lunar New Year ended very well. A beloved cousin hosted a pot-luck get-together at his family home.

It was a serene evening last night ...

In the stillness and tranquility of the setting, the sunset orchestrated the mood of the evening...

One by one they came - the guests and their choice dishes for the evening...a veritable feast not just for the eyes but for the palate. Each brought a culinary delight to tease the senses and tickle our taste buds which were screaming for more. Surprisingly, the ladies ate more than the guys - at least at the beginning...The following photo taken at the earlier part of the evening only showcases 30% of the fabulous array of food that filled the table and our stomaches which included Belachan Chicken, Roti Jala and Curry Chicken, Steamed Chicken, Sarawak Laksa (made by yours truly), Char Koay Teow, Roast Chicken Wings, Fried Mee Hoon, Or Nee, Durian Pulut, Cucuk Udang, Yee Sang, Local Cakes, Desserts, Bubur Cha Cha, soft drinks, beer, wine, fruits etc

My favourite dish for the evening was certainly durian pulut with durian bubur!!! Exquisite and sinfully creamy and oolala!

After all the initial feasting, it as Loh Sang time....yummy yee sang..

Up, Close and Yee Sang!

And loh sang...

Then an old friend brought a surprise birthday cake and everyone was rolling with laughter when they saw the cake cos it looks exactly like my cousin

See for yourself...:-) He is a MMA, Shaolin, Wingtsun, Muay Thai exponent. In fact, three other cousins run martial arts schools - on in London, one in San Francisco and one in Penang. I was supposed to have taken up Shalin in the early 1970s with him under the late Dato' P'ng but most regretfully I chickened out then. Today, he is a skilled exponent of many forms martial arts ...

Most unfortunately, we had to leave earlier before the fireworks session as Nick has school today.
Anyway, we all had a fun evening reconnecting and I am certainly glad a CNY that started off quite scarily due to the unexpected accident ended beautifully and positively. Hope you all had a grand time.

6 comments to No Ordinary Moonlit Evening

  1. says:

    Gem Next time somebody snoops around the street where you live for a missing dog, have your cousin pop by to flex his muscles. You may be out of action for shaolin training but don't you happen to have a strapping young son as a perfect candidate? So glad Chap Goh Meh turned out beautifully for you!

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Gem,

    Thank you for a gem of a comment :-).

    Unfortunately, my cousin lives abroad and is only back for the CNY. However, I am also friends with his heng tai,

    My older boy lives in KL but my younger boy learns wushu :-) even though he is a musician.

    Indeed, I am relieved the CNY ended splendidly for me. Thank you for rejoicing with me.

    Take care and do keep in touch!

    Best wishes

  1. says:

    Gem Even better, Cousin Muscleman can make a cameo appearance while he's still in the country. The heng dai can do follow-ups. I was refering to Nick in terms of shaolin training. Perhaps he can wield that wushu weapon instead? Btw, my compliments on your Sarawak laksa -great testimony to your culinary skills!

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Dear Gem

    Haha!It is wonderful that my family knows the heng tai who are really some of the warmest, most caring and happiest people I have ever met in my life. I am sure their sifu, who was a close friend of my dad, is smiling down at them from heaven.

    Ya, Nick can wield the wushu sword but not the fan or poles, the latter because I am scared he might smash my stuff in the house :-).

    The Sarawak laksa was the product of teamwork. I prepared everything but the men in my house shredded the chicken meat - patience is a quality I lack greatly :-) Actually, any soup dish is easy to make...:-) Come to Penang and I will prepare for you and your family!

    Take care and have a great day!

    Best wishes

  1. says:

    patches Hi - wow look at that sexy body!!
    And what an ingenious idea to decorate the cake with those blue flowers - so very Penang!
    Can you give me the address of the school in SF?
    And do call when you have time for a chat... so many questions to ask you!
    Take care.

  1. says:

    masterwordsmith Hi Patches

    Sorry for sounding clueless but I am not sure who you are. I have only spoken on the phone with one other reader and if you are her, do check your inbox cos I have shot you an email.

    If you are not her, please shoot me an email at writetomws at hush dot ai and I will call you.

    My cousin's shao lin school is in Sausalito and San Francisco. I don't have the address for his school but I do have his contact number.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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