The 60's Yeah Look Makes a Comeback

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Most of us baby-boomers are familiar with the 'yeah' look or the 'mop top' made popular by The Beatles.

Anyway, I am so in love......

With my beloved dog, Tiger.

And guess what?

The 60's Beatles 'Yeah' look has made a strong comeback in West Highland Terriers ...:-) She loves me yeah yeah yeahhhhhhhhhh...

To be fair, that pic was snapped right after Tiger woke up when I arrived at Nick's school at noon today. Note his new Ty toy at his feet :-). After he 'freshened' up, I took another pic:

Here's Tiger's basket of toys...missing in the pic are his tennis ball, Tyger and the Ty goose.

And this is Tiger eagerly waiting for his young master to be dismissed from school....

And this is how my Tiger looks after his luxurious bath on Sunday...

Perhaps you can now understand why I am so busy these days, hardly ever writing...there is always so much to do, to love and to enjoy with Tiger. A lot of time is spent taking him for walks, grooming him, cleaning the house, playing with him, talking to him and of course, tucking him in bed every night - no kidding.

Tiger is the smartest and most lovable dog I know. He learns with the snap of the finger and uses his brains to get his way around us. :-) And indeed, the whole family is under the Tiger spell.

For 27 years, I waited for another dog after my last one passed away. And I could not have asked for a better dog than Tiger. Thank you, Adelene and Bernard, for the gift of Tiger and thank you, Kong Loke, for being the vital connection to the adoption.

Have a nice day, everyone!!!

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