Did Technology Kill Traditional Dating?

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According to one study, social networks and online dating has taken take the place of time-honored courtship.

When did revealing the intimacies of your relationship (or lack thereof) online become the norm? How many unfamiliar acquaintances flirtatiously Facebook poke you before even starting a conversation? Technology both helps and hinders the romantic process. It may be lack of time, a call for constant connection, or just plain laziness that draws people to online dating but, without a doubt, it's shaking things up.

International online dating service AnastasiaDate conducted a survey revealing one in four men won't get off the couch to find love. The majority of men ages 35 to 55 have dated online and, of those, 65% successfully met a special someone.

The allure of the Internet, aside from speed and efficiency, also seems to be the veil of courage it provides for would-be suitors.

One quarter of men in the study say they're too nervous to speak to a woman they find attractive, but they fare much differently approaching a person online rather than a face-to-face interaction. One in five men will date "out of their league" because of the wider opportunities online dating yields.

Virtual dating has done more than ease the jitters of the first, awkward conversations, it has significantly altered the well-traveled steps of conventional courtship.


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