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Penang is slowly bourgeoning as a performing arts centre. Ever since Penpac (Penang Performing Arts Centre) opened, there have been many performing arts events including plays, dance performances, workshops and of course concerts that showcase both classical and contemporary music.

Today is not exception. Penpac is holding the 2013 Indie Pg tonight and tomorrow night.

A total of 16 bands will be performing at this event, including Beat in the Street which features my olden son on the violin and two of his childhood friends i.e. Joshua Yam (Motorola) on guitar and Seong Peng (Intel) on percussion and one of his college mates, Tiffany (asst auditor), vocalist. They will be playing original compositions.

This is the very first IndiePG event ! Held on both days (29th and 30th of March), tickets are priced at RM35 for adults and RM25 for students (tickets are valid for both days). This concert will feature bands from Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Kedah including:

1.         Color Noise - Alt Rock - Penang
2.         Beat In The Street - Acoustic - Penang
3.         Ocean Of Fire - Creative Instrumental Rock - Penang
4.         Gand - Post Rock - Penang
5.         Uglymen - Chinese Rock - Alor Setar
6.         Soundaholic - Metal - Penang
7.         Double Click - Emo Rock - Penang
8.         Emilia - Singer-songwriter - Kuala Lumpur
9.         An Honest Mistake - Alternative Rock - Kuala Lumpur
10.       Kiss Kill Mary - Rock - Kuala Lumpur
11.       Andy Ngew - Fingerstyle Solo Acoustic Guitar - Kuala Lumpur
12.       Beatburns - Rock - Kuala Lumpur
13.       Nick Davis - Dance Rock Electronic - Kuala Lumpur
14.       Joe Loy - Singer-songwriter - Kuala Lumpur
15.       The Electric Min'z Project - Psychadelic Indie Rock - Kuala Lumpur
16.       Sedsuna - Kuala Lumpur

Ticketing Information
RM35 for adults
RM25 for students, physically-challenged, TAS / Senior Privilege Card Holders

Get tickets from iLasso or call Penangpac at 04-8991722 / 2722

If you are free, please swing by to Penang Performing Arts Centre for the concert this evening and/or tomorrow evening!

Have a lovely weekend!

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