Jasmine Tea and Weight Loss

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If you like the taste of green and oolong tea and the scent of jasmine flowers, you may love jasmine tea as a calorie-free, fat-burning addition to your weight loss program. Tea antioxidants boost metabolism, and the scent of jasmine elevates mood. But jasmine tea may cause severe emotional disturbances when consumed in large quantities.

Jasmine and Tea Plants
Jasmine, meaning "gift from God" in Arabic, includes some 200 species of night-blooming flowers. Jasmine tea is made by layering jasmine flowers over green or oolong tea for several hours or overnight. Depending on the grade of tea, the process may be repeated up to a dozen times. The flowers are usually, but not always removed from the final product. Green and oolong teas come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, but green tea is picked earlier than oolong, and their weight loss properties differ. The teas contain caffeine and antioxidants.

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