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'Beat in the Street' was the opening act for IndiePG's concert on 29th March, 2013. An original concept, Beat in the Street trio comprises my son Jonathan Khor (violinist), Joshua Yam (guitar) and Sam Lim Seong Peng (cajon). They bring together various genres of music ranging from jazz, blues, fusion, folk etc. in their original compositions and presentations of other songs.

Last night, they presented four songs namely Flux (composed by Jon), Stalemate (also composed by Jon), Stand and Stare (composed by Joshua) and untitled theme song (composed by the group before Christmas). The group and their signature song have evolved through the months into a new piece. I will be posting both versions in the future for you to can see how the group always tries to make better music each time they get together.

Classically trained in both the piano and violin, Jon was greatly influenced by contemporary music from the time he was in Form 1. When he aced his PMR, I bought him an electric guitar and amplifier which sparked his serious interest in contemporary music. Subsequently, he graduated with a degree in contemporary music (violin and guitar). At the age of six, one of Jon's compositions was an entry for a JMC music writing competition in Japan. Although he did not win, that was the starting point of his song-writing path. Then till today, he composes in his head as notating his compositions is not his cup of tea.

By the time he finished the Yamaha Junior Music Course when he was six, Jon was identified as a musically precocious child and selected for the prestigious Junior Special Advanced Course after a gruelling performance and interview after which - together with two other girls. He attended two JSAC classes weekly - ensemble and piano apart from attending the usual ABRSM classes for piano, violin (practical and theory). Unfortunately, I had to stop his JSAC classes when I was expecting my second child. However, he did finish his his ABRSM examinations till Grade 8 for both violin and piano.

Joshua, an engineer, son of a pastor and valedictorian was the drum major in his school who led the school band to victory in several state competitions and drum battles. A guitarist and drummer, Joshua also composes.  Previously, he performed with several other bands during secondary school and college days. He loves all types of music except metal and has collaborated with Jon in other musical pursuits in previous bands.

Sam, also an engineer and Christian, is another all-rounder. Apart from playing the piano, he played the violin with the Penang Symphony orchestra and the saxophone for the school band. In church, he plays the drums with the church worship team.

Spontaneity is the rule and they dare to break boundaries of musical form because of their uninhibited expression of music bursting from their hearts, souls and spirits. United with one aim to make beautiful music together, their practices in my home are serious yet fun, wholesome yet intense at times - punctuated with in-between rest breaks of pure improvisations from basic melody lines and believe it or not - word games that I created and hope to market if and when a kind soul can convert into an android applications.

Jon and Sam have been schoolmates from first grade while Joshua was their classmate in secondary school days. They all have a burning passion for music and it has been an exciting journey to witness the emergence and development of raw musical talent. Clearly, their strong bond of friendship forged when young has enabled them to flow and play together in unity and harmony and to discuss variations, interpretations or improvisations in their music. The rhythmic feel for music is one that is united - hence their music is tightly performed - slick and savvy.

The guest singer, Tiffany, was Jon's college mate before he left to study music in 2008. Unbelievably, she goes with the flow so naturally and only had two occasions to practise with them for this concert. She wrote the lyrics for 'Flux' and is a natural born singer.

Young, energetic, talented and vibrant, I pray there will be openings for Beat in the Street in the future and most importantly, that they will makes waves in the Malaysian music scene soon.

Here's the final number that was performed for the first time in public yesterday. Jon uses various kinds of effect pedals. This evening, my son will be performing with Joe Loy from Kuala Lumpur. I recorded their performances with two cameras simultaneously and am very tired hence I have not updated my blog till now.

Without further ado, here's Penang's homegrown musical talent Beat in the Street performing Jon's composition Flux with much pulsating passion for music. This was recorded via my handphone video camera. The file from my camera, which should be a better recording, has yet to be uploaded.

Do check out Stalemate if you have time. Thanks!!

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