The Zero to Hero Stray Dog!

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A stray Afgan dog doesn’t have much of a chance at a happy life, but Brin took matters into his own hands.  The underweight mongrel, thought to be a pit bull jack russell cross, began following British units out on dangerous patrols and soon revealed his super power – sniffing out deadly roadside bombs.  Amazingly, with no known training, he would stand and bark at suspicious mounds, allowing soldiers to avoid or destroy any explosive devices and saving lives in the process.

Brin became so good at what he did, and so famous for it that the Taliban kidnapped him, prompting a dangerous rescue  mission to get him back.  He suffered a broken nose and ribs in that ordeal and was nursed back to health by Captain Mark Townsend.  Unfortunately army procedure states that when a unit moves out of an area the dog stays behind or gets put down, but no one wanted that to happen to Brin.

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