Will This Revolutionize Alternative Energy?

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According to J.G. Vibes HERE:

Just yesterday we reported that a new method of harnessing energy through water osmosis was discovered, and also in energy news this week, is the possibility of a new biodegradable battery, that will enable a new level of performance from a wide variety of alternative energy sources.

Green Prophet reported that:

UCLA and Egyptian scientist accidentally find a new way to bottle stored energy. This missing link for solar energy, hydro and electric cars could be a fast, tiny, biodegradable battery. Penicillin, Teflon, microwave ovens and superglue were all discovered by accident. And now graphene super-capacitors might be the most important accidental discovery of our time – one that can change the way energy is stored. A team of UCLA researchers led by chemist Richard Kaner used a commercial DVD burner to produce sheets of a carbon-based material known as graphene.

The “accident” occurred when Cairo University graduate Maher El-Kady (pictured below) wired a small piece of graphene to an LED and found that it behaved as a super-capacitor, able to store a considerable amount of electricity. Their laser-scribed grapheneis ideal as a super capacitor partially because of its enormous surface area, 1520 square meters per gram.

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