Unearthing History Beneath St Peter's

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I was very lucky to have come across this web page in Life which "looks back more than six decades to a time when the church was actively unearthing its own secrets … literally. In 1950, LIFE reported on a years-long effort undertaken beneath the staggeringly ornate public realms of the Vatican, as teams of workers meticulously excavated the myriad tombs and other long-sealed, centuries-old chambers far underground. Nat Farbman’s color and black and white images in this gallery — most of which never ran in LIFE — were touted on the cover of the March 27, 1950, issue of the magazine as “exclusive pictures” for the story titled “The Search for the Bones of St. Peter,” which read:

CLICK HERE for more. Please remember to click on the arrow to view the 25 slides.

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