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Here are a few video clips which I believe are very good music videos that carry excellent messages. To be fair, I have posted videos from both sides of the divide and just sharing these videos which I find are most refreshing as they have approached issues differently.

It has been quite rare to find inspiring debates/speeches with all the community sanitary output that is being spun by various quarters. Even the advertisements from both sides of the divide leave much to be desired. What has happened to creativity and intelligent framing of political messages? Has the country moved backwards so much that it is so difficult to find thought-provoking and people-centred speeches that do not deride or poke fun at the other side?

Kindly note that I am just sharing and not endorsing any party nor am I lambasting any one/party/group. It is each voter's right to vote whoever he/she feels is the best candidate but I do exhort everyone of you to vote wisely and make sure all goes well smoothly, fairly and peacefully. May God bless Malaysia with a free, fair and peaceful election on May 5th, 2013. Note that my comments are non-political in nature.

Kudos to all the singers, producers etc involved in the following videos. I commend your efforts to communicate the message in your heart. I particularly like #1 and #2. Amazing and poignantly moving!

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list as I have not seen every single GE 13 video. Taste differs from person to person. I am sure there will be more videos coming up as the day draws nearer. If you know of other videos, please share via the comment box.

1. First on my list is Namewee's latest rap video released a few hours ago!!! I *heart* this video!

Five stars for musical quality, video editing, message, vocal quality, relevance, ability to engage masses, unity, concept and most of all, love for MALAYSIA!!!!

Namewee certainly has talent, perspective and creativity. I love the way the subtitles are in Tamil, BM and Mandarin. It is so fantastic to hear Tamil rap! Well done, Namewee, Ashtaka and 5Forty2!!! Wake up, Malaysians!!!
2. My way to the polling station

I stumbled upon this very moving video by Poon Poi Ming when I was ploughing through list after list of videos on GE 13. Thank you for a sensitive and caring compilation to remind us of WHY we have to vote wisely. Very thoughtful production, indeed!  God bless you, Poon Poi Ming. Excellent choice of song and singer as well!
3. Love is in the air by Bukit Bintang BN Candidate :-)

A very entertaining and hilarious video. I commend the courage, effort and esprit de corps of those in this video as they were natural and obviously had a great time recording it. Very sporting!  :-)

4. This is it!!!

5. Undi Anda Suara Anda

6. Sabah Avatar 

7. Next is Ubah!

CLICK HERE for the song if you have not watched it yet.

8. Malaysian Gangnam Parody

9. Superman in Penang

If you know of other interesting videos related to GE 13, please share them in the comment box.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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