Coming Soon: The Bond Crash?

Posted by M ws On Thursday, April 25, 2013 2 comments
I cringed in horror when I read Paul B Farrell's latest article where warns that bond funds could lose 25% and offers ten investing rules for the  coming bond crash.


“The best piece of advice I could give long-term investors today is don’t own bonds. And if you do own them, you probably ought to move out of them,” warns Charles Ellis, acclaimed author of the classic “Winning the Loser’s Game: Timeless Strategies for Successful Investing.”

Here's the one other story that  you can't afford to miss today
Get it? Do not own bonds. Sell. Move out now.

Sound familiar? You bet. Ellis’ warning came during a CNN/Money interview with Penelope Wang, just one month after the cover of InvestmentNews was screaming the same warning in huge bold type: “Tick, Tick ... Boom!”

In that “special report on the impending crisis in the bond market,” InvestmentNews the newspaper of record for 90,000 professional advisers, I-News was predicting a “bond bomb” will explode, asking rhetorically: “What will your clients’ portfolios look like when the bond bomb goes off?” Answer: Bonds will crash, with huge loses.

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Comments from readers on this scary piece of news is deeply appreciated.

2 comments to Coming Soon: The Bond Crash?

  1. says:

    modernlifeisrubbish Hi MWS,

    A good read there. Also, i read that the eurozone sovereign debt crisis could flare up again in Italy because of the political chaos there. It will never end until the inevitable happened. But you already know that.

    Maybe i should write a piece explaining the Euro crisis that everyone can understand, haha. But that would entails doing some research to get the facts right. Hmm...

  1. says:

    MWS Hi there! Good to hear from you again. It will all go up in smoke and the scary part is that it will be within our lifetime.

    Please... Do write that piece and let me know when you do. Take care and do keep in touch!

    God bless!


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