Evidence that Demands a Verdict

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If you have read my previous post, you would know how frustrated I have been feeling about the state of affairs in the education sector.

This morning, I decided to Google for problems that other lecturers face to see if others in the education industry have faced similar problems. Well, I feel much better now :-) because truly, it is most comforting to know I am not the only one...

If you don't believe me, check out the following posts that provide evidence that demands a verdict!

1. THIS POST written by a professor of biochemistry (Warning: Lots of expletives) - Must read cos in many ways, I feel like that and most unfortunately, I cannot write that way out of respect for my husband and sons would flip and also to my beloved former students who have never or at least seldom heard my cuss.

2. THIS POST written by 'an instructor who has made the rounds at major universities, community colleges, and small liberal arts colleges. Bitter? Perhaps. Truthful? You bet.'


4. This hilarious Facebook page.

I am not saying I am smart. I am not. All I am saying or was saying in my previous post HERE that something is wrong - and to be realistic, the system is not wholly to be blamed but also consider:

  • the entire system
  • the school system
  • teachers
  • parents
  • the student's attitude, work habit, reading habit, IQ level, willingness to learn
  • the impact of technology on learning
  • peer group
  • level of competition in the playing field
  • motivation
  • reading habit
  • level of general knowledge
  • maturity of thinking
  • etc

For sure, the creativity and intellectual development of man has been affected by technology and modernisation...

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