Death on the Dangerous Highway

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A blog that I enjoy reading is Discourse in C#minor at this link. The authoress is a deep thinker who writes with much sincerity and feeling. Honestly, I wish I could write like her. Humble about her abilities, her discourses are varied but interesting. Her latest post is about 'The Death of Marie Colvin' and I am reposting it this evening as a tribute to the late journalist from the UK Sunday Times.


A little less than a year ago I wrote about a number of women whom I admired over the course of March (Women’s History Month). Two days ago, one of them, Marie Colvin was killed in Syria where she was covering the government-mandated slaughter currently taking place there. This is what I wrote about her in 2011. The whole post is here, if you’re interested.

Marie Colvin is a correspondent for the UK Sunday Times and has been one for over twenty years. She has covered conflicts in the Balkans, Chechnya, East Timor, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and pretty much anywhere else things are blowing up. She was on CNN reporting from Libya last week. Though I can find tons of her work, I can’t find any biographical profiles. This piece, written in 2000 for the American Journalism Review, and this five-year-old article from the New York Daily News are the best I could do. I love her work because she goes places few will and stays after most leave. Such actions make good copy, but come with some with serious risk to life and limb. In 1999, Ms. Colvin lost her left eye while covering the Sri Lankan civil war in an incident which reads remarkably like a set up. Her work has not gone without recognition. In 2010, Ms. Colvin won the British Press Award for Best Foreign Journalist of the Year.

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I will always remember and admire Marie Colvin's courage and perseverance to report truth as it is. May she rest in peace always.

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