Plastic Surgery Disasters

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For some, outward beauty is very important, especially those in show business. In Korea, it is a norm rather than a rare occurrence. Three of my friends have gone through plastic surgery and there are tell-tale signs despite the amount spent. Is it worth forking out so much $$$ and undergoing the risks? I am aware of a case where the patient slipped into a coma during a plastic surgery operation. The family sued the doctor. Although they won the case and the doctor had to leave the hospital, the mother never recovered and passed away years later.

A once-upon-a-time close friend who abandoned us and other mutual friends (because he now hobnobs with  rich and famous Tan Sris and Datuk Seris in Malaysia) went through a face lift a few years ago at an astounding price. When I saw him after that 'job',  I noticed how the skin had been pulled back so tightly and tautly. Despite the seemingly youth like and smooth complexion, I really worried each time he sneezed or laughed for I feared the epidermis could snap or split anytime from the added pressure.

Another lady, a beautician, had fixed almost anything that could be fixed including the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheekbones and even the ears, not forgetting whitening the skin, liposuction and goodness knows what else.

Thirty years ago, she convinced three friends to have a double eye-lid operation. Of course they invited me to join and my response was a firm 'No' even though one of them offered to pay for me. However, I did tag along and asked for permission to watch the procedure. It was such a horrifying experience then and till today, I can still remember the whole incident.

It was in the morning when they drove to the shop in Penang. Walking upstairs, she explained how an Indonesian 'plastic surgeon' (probably with 'plastic' type of medical qualifications) would be carrying out the procedure. When she opened the door to the 'treatment' room, I gasped in horror because:

  • there was no sign of any sterilized equipment
  • no proper sterile environment save for a bed, a sofa, curtains for privacy in the procedure area
  • the floor did not look particularly clean
  • other 'basic' equipment in the tray 
  • no other safety equipment such as oxygen tank, fire extinguisher
  • etc
First to go under the knife that day was A who recruited B and C. As she lay on the bed, even though I was glad I could witness the whole procedure, I was quite appalled that the so-called 'quack' doctor did not wear gloves or a surgical mask and only washed his hands with soap at a nearby sink. 

The procedure went something like this:

1. After he cleaned the eyelids, he sprayed some anaesthetic on the eyelids.

2. Next, he drew lines on the eyelids and showed A a mirror to get her approval with regard to the angle of the double eye lid.

3. Upon a positive response, he used (horror of horrors!!!) a BLADE to slit the line.

4. As blood oozed out, he used cotton buds to clean the blood.

5. Then he used pincers to open the slit.

6. With another pair of pincers, he pulled out the fatty tissues beneath the eyelids and I am not exaggerating when I say it looked like chicken fat that we can see beneath the skin of freshly slaughtered chicken!

7. Snip snip snip went the scissors as he trimmed the fats. I am not sure if they kept the 'harvest' for posterity for I do recall I almost fainted from shock.

8. After cleaning the eyelids again, he proceeded to sew the slits together and that was when my knees felt weak and the room started to spin. Even recalling it makes me feel nauseous as I type this.

9. I sat down and waited for him to finish his 'sewing' masterpiece.

10. When A got up, she looked as if she had badly outlined her eyes with eyeliner which smeared. Yuks!

I did not watch the other two procedures and busied myself by reading a book which I had brought along. For two weeks, the three of them wore sunglasses and abstained from eating eggs, chicken, seafood and certain types of stuff.

The final product was horrible. Yes, they now had deep double eyelids but crooked ones!!! Two years later, one of them, A, went through corrective surgery at a private hospital and till today, it is still evident that she had gone under the knife.

From those experiences, I know how to tell if someone has gone through such operations. Where face lifts are concerned, the tell-tale signs are the scars behind the ears!

Another girlfriend who lives overseas looks ravishingly beautiful in all her photos but it is a different experience up, close and personal.

I am aware of an expat lady who went through liposuction in Penang. Her husband divorced her because he could not accept the 'scar's left behind and went on to marry the maid!

Another case is the mother of a former student who never ceased to amaze me because sometimes she looked so shapely and sexy and there were times in-between when she looked chubby and rolly-polly. I always wondered what was the secret to her 'slimming' programme. Later, when I asked her, she told me about her liposuction procedures *faints*. Of course, I advised her to do otherwise but she ignored my reasoning.

Two years ago, two of my friends had stem cell injections for their complexion. They look so beautiful and young with exquite smooth glowing complexion. However, the bad news is each injection is 7000RM and one must keep going for those jabs for apparently, the effects last for only a few years and failure to 'maintain' the skin would mean the skin would regress to a state worse than before!

Another friend had a breast job and after a few years, the stuff started leaking and she came down with breast cancer and the end result was a mastectomy. She has recovered and now observes a healthy lifestyle.

Two years ago, I had a reunion with a former classmate who is Professor of Medicine at Harvard University specialising in studying the role of physical activity in promoting health and preventing chronic disease,  characteristics associated with a physically active way of life, such as the maintenance of ideal body weight and  issues relating to women’s health. And, she told me there is only one way to being fit and healthy - exercise and a balanced diet. At the same time, she explained what happens during liposuction and the side effects. For sure, she practises what she preaches for she runs miles daily and is svelte, fit and healthy.

I am unceasingly amazed by how many today, especially celebrities and those with the $$$ to splash on such procedures, put their lives at risk just to make themselves more beautiful. Inner beauty is of far greater value than any silicone breast, eye embroidery, Botox, stem cell injections, double eye-lid or face lift or whatever lift.

Here's a link to Shocking Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters that has 23 photographs:
Sometimes plastic surgery can take an individual from ordinary to extraordinary. Other times, it can be the worst decision of your life. From shifting Botox to liposuction mishaps, these are the most shocking plastic surgery mistakes! Michael Jackson: Two words – that nose. Out of respect for the deceased let’s not rip apart MJ. His plastic surgery was all in an attempt to look more like Diana Ross, but he looked so good before!

CLICK HERE for this eye-opening post.

If you are thinking of undergoing some kind of reconstructive procedure to make yourself more beautiful, think no more. Invest in a good pair of running shoes, sports attire and start exercising. And, eat wholesome healthy meals! Take care and God bless you!

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    Gem How brave you are to actually watch the procedure with all the blood spilling out, esp. in what sounds like a backyard operation. If the blade used to make the incision was a razor blade used for shaving, that's exactly what a vet used in spaying my dog. Much cheaper than buying a scalpel, I guess.

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