Has Political Fatigue Set In??

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After talking to many people, I have concluded that many are experiencing political fatigue after waiting so long for GE13 and now that it is just round the corner, some have grown tired of the same kind of political promises (largely old and unfulfilled ones) with the same rhythm minus the feeling.

Personally, I have no intention to attend any political rally due to agoraphobia. I am sure those of us who have been following developments since March 2008 have more or less made up our minds as to who to vote or for some, which party to support.

It will be interesting to survey the crowd attendance at political rallies to see if there is any decline or increase. There are a few causal factors that one could consider including:

  • lack of interest
  • apathy due to overload of inane, lackluster election propaganda
  • the role of new forms of campaigning via social media and android applications
  • branding
  • expanded PR methods
  • more sophisticated buntings, banners, pamphlets etc
...all of which has saturated the channel of communication to such an extent that people may get turned off, especially with the same script being written, boring and old messages, stale jokes and recycled Grade C dramas played out with the usual boring overused sex scandals in video clips. Sighs.

Those with a large network are likely to have their inbox filled with all kinds of emails and these will then be passed on.

What is important now is not going through the usual motion that was used in 2008 but to reach out to the elderly, the ignorant, those who are not tech savvy and the working class folks who may have misguided ideals or wrong perceptions. Yet, how many are willing to go down to the ground to educate voters about pertinent issues when voting? For one, we can check the polling station for the elderly and teach them about what to do and what pitfalls to avoid so as to avoid spoilt votes.

I can see the air of expectancy is unlike that in 2008. Many are fed up and have only one mission in mind.

So, I surmise that all the money spent on free dinners, freebies, buntings and the paraphernalia of elections is pointless because most know what to do and are observing what the leaders are doing, some of which will be their undoing, especially when bickering over seats.

I doubt many attend political rallies to listen to the old and recycled choruses of unfulfilled promises. The bottom line is most have heard enough. Money can be better spent on donations to constituencies e.g. to old folks' home, orphanages, schools etc because such expenditure can be seen and have long lasting positive effects.

If they are going to carry on spending on unnecessary flags, banners etc, please think of the environment and also whether they can pay the bill! I shudder when I see the amount of wood used for flag poles each of which is supported by smaller sticks. According to Angela, trees in her area look as though they have blue leaves if you get my drift.

Hence, cut down on the self-glorification and use the money for the poor and needy. I believe people will be happier to see how the $$$ is being used to build halfway shelters for the homeless, extensions for orphanages, food for the poor and even sprucing up public playgrounds.

Don't you think money can be better spent that way??? The cost of living has escalated and I don't think the environment would appreciate indulgence in paraphernalia which only generates more rubbish paid for by the rakyat's money. I shudder to think of the amount of paper that will be used, or worse still, if they use plastic buntings, vinyl boards etc. Imagine the effect on the environment when such plastics are left out in the open and also the time needed for decomposition. On a positive side, it generates income for those in the advertising and printing industry not forgetting those hired to put up the posters. The worst is in my neighbourhood where banners and flags are not hung properly and are half hanging and half on the roads. One party's flags disappear overnight and by the following night, that of the other party is also gone. And why and by whom and at whose expense?

We must remember that whilst messages are coming out in different forms, shapes, styles and content to a more digital era, campaigners must reach out to the people, especially the social group which will make the difference in the swing of votes. Hence, just because there are many ceramahs, one should not judge the prestige of the party or candidate on those grounds alone but consider other factors that could be the competitive edge over the other side.

Most importantly,  even if you are like me, tired of the negative discouraging words not forgetting the usual mud-slinging and degrading innuendos, we have to dismiss whatever political fatigue or weariness that we may feel and do what is needed for this country to change for the better - VOTE and vote wisely and correctly in technical terms so that the precious slip of paper will not be regarded as spoilt. We have to check carefully and go to the right polling station and lend a helping hand to whoever needs a lift to the centre. So go vote as early as you can on May 5th! Your vote counts!

May God bless Malaysia with peaceful and fair elections.

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