The Unsung Hero

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In February, the organisers of Cluj Shorts International Film Festival invited Hisyam Salleh and Rahmah Ghazali to submit their eight-minute documentary titled A Stray Hero for the film festival. Their documentary about an elderly couple's mission to rescue stray animals has been shortlisted for screening at an international film festival. It will be screened at Cinema Victoria, Cluj-Napoca in Romania together with 85 other films selected from 400 short films which were submitted to the film festival. It has heartening to note that their dedicated sacrifice for canine darlings has been recognised and notably, their film is the only one shortlisted from the Asean region.

A Stray Hero has received over 10,000 views on Vimeo.

Watch the video AT THIS LINK and be bowled over by their dedication, compassion and love for dogs and cats.

Produced at the cost of RM3000 by Hisyam, 29 (a freelance video journalist) and his wife Rahmah Ghazali,
A Stray Hero is about former contractor Pak Mie or Muhd Azmi Ismail and his wife, who despite being Muslims, have unconditional love for the strays. To date,  they have rescued over 600 animals and have no qualms about sleeping in their car parked outside their makeshift shelter to ensure their darlings are safe and sound.

According to Life With Dogs:

They spend their savings to help these dogs and often go without so the animals can get what they need. “No matter how much money we have…we would spend it on them, not ourselves,” said Pak Mie. 
They couple has pawned all of the wife’s jewelry to help feed the stray dogs.  They sleep in a car parked outside the shelter to make sure no one harms the animals at night. For them the sacrifice of a normal life is worth it to save these special animals. “The most special animal in this world are dogs, and we can’t find it in any other animal,” said Pak Mie. MORE HERE.
You can visit Pak Mie's blog site HERE.

I salute Pak Mie and his wife for their commitment, compassion and love for animals and their dedication to their mission which they have been carrying out against all odds.

Various groups including Red FM and Pet Project Malaysia have organized events to help them out.

BFM intereviewed them and you can listen to it HERE. The Star also featured a report about the film at this link.

Please consider how you can help Pak Mie in his mission. Thank you!!

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