The Chocolate House

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Recently, a friend returned from Japan and gave my family some presents including my favourite MOCHI, Bourbon chocolates and a box of chocolates for the construction of a chocolate house.

Since he received it just before his exam, he put it aside for two weeks till yesterday. His father said, "No need to construct it. Just eat it like it is meant to be eaten."

I did not know that the other two bars of chocolate were actually meant for the roof. In fact, I thought they were bonus bars :-) so I happily devoured one bar all by myself.

So, when my son opened the refrigerator to get the box, he gasped in horror when he discovered one bar was missing!

"Mom, you ate my roof!!"

"I what?"

"You ate the roof!!"


Guiltily, I tried to convince him to use another bar of chocolate of a different brand but alas, it was much heavier and surely the walls could not withstand the weight. Thankfully, my boy took the case of the missing roof pretty well and was not at all sore about the episode.

Here's my boy constructing the chocolate house:

Note: Tiger is staring at Nicholas sucking his fingers!!


Aerial view of the chocolate house with half the roof in my tummy yum yum...

And then the heat was too much for the chocolate house! Timberrrrrrrr........Earthquake magnitude of 1.3 with no casualties :-)...

All in all, it was truly great fun and a wonderful excuse to eat chocolates! Have a wonderful evening!

Thanks to LYP for the present!

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