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In 2005, my younger boy started his primary education at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Batu Lancang where he made friends with Amitesh Theva, Dexter, Kishen and other classmates. Subsequently, I also got to know their parents. Nick's first and most memorable experience of a Halloween party was at Amitesh's home. His innovative and highly intelligent parents have wonderful parenting skills.

It came as no surprise to me when Nick told me that Thevesh (Amitesh's older brother) emerged as the champion of The Star-English Speaking Union (ESU) Malaysia-PKT Logistics Public Speaking Competition 2013.

Photo Credit: The Star

Thevesh represented Malaysia at the ESU International Public Speaking Competition 2013 in London about two weeks ago and emerged as IPSC 2013 Audience Choice World Champion. Thevesh (Deputy Head Prefect), Amitesh and Nick attend SMK Bukit Jambul.

Indeed, he is a very promising young man with a bright future ahead. For sure, he has the attitude that will give him altitude in life! Congratulations, Thevesh! You have done very well and we are all proud of you. Kudos to your parents for the fine upbringing they have given you and your siblings. Thevesh writes very well and blogs at THIS SITE.

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    Asha Theva What a lovely article. It is selfless people like yourself who take the trouble to write about others that is an inspiration by itself. I am touched by your kind words and it brought back fond memories from Batu Lanchang days.

    Thank you.


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    M ws Dear Asha

    Thank you so much for such a warm and gracious response. I had wanted to write about Theva since the results were announced but have been tied up till today. Nicholas requested that I sought your permission before I did the post :-). It was lovely to chat with you this morning and hope to see you again one day.

    Thank you for your selfless contributions in the USM alumni, dedicated work in Toastmasters, passionate contributions in the PTA and for being such an important part of Nicholas' growing up years. He has always enjoyed the connection with your family, especially Amitesh, and remembers all the outings quite vividly.

    I wish Theva nothing but the best and sincerely believe that the wonderful foundation that you and your dear husband have been giving him and the other children has put him in good stead for a very impactful future on our society.

    With such charisma, talent, passion, character and intelligence, Theva is not only a talker, but a dynamic 'mover' and high achiever who will be making waves and changes in society in the years to come.

    God bless you and your family always.

    Best wishes

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    Thevesh Theva Thank you so much for this. I just saw this and it really touched me! Thank you for taking the time to write; it really means the world.

    What you said is very true, all I have done is down to my parents, and I will always be grateful for it.

    PS. My name is Thevesh, not Theva, in reference to your comment. Theva is my dad.

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    M ws Good morning, Thevesh!

    Thank you for swinging by to share your sincere response.

    It has been very inspiring to know your parents, Amitesh and now, you.

    You are a fine young man and I truly wish you the best that life can offer you and I am sure the stars and the Almighty have blessed you with their favour :-).

    Your humility is truly a rare trait in this dog-eat-dog world. Keep it up young man! The world is yours to conquer as you seek to make this world a better place.

    I know I will see you name in headlines and periodicals or even at forums and live telecast. Look forward and achieve the best!

    Finally, please accept my humble apologies for the oversight. Yes, you are Thevesh and not Theva :-). I cannot amend the comment or else the date of the response will be different but hope the other readers can note this too. Once again, sorry!!

    Keep in touch and God bless you always!

    Kind regards

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    Thevesh Theva Good evening! I was so pleasantly surprised and touched when I read this, so I definitely had to leave a comment thanking you for it. It's not often that someone does something like this, so I'm very grateful for it.

    Thank you. :) It really is the truth. I would be nothing without the people who have guided me, particularly my parents,and I will never forget the people who got me here.

    That's very kind of you! It would be amazing if that actually happened. I'll have to work hard for it, and I still have far to go, but hopefully I'll be able to achieve more success in the future.

    It's no problem! It's a common error, mostly due to the way my name is written, so no offence taken at all!

    Thank you once again for everything.


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