Freaks of Nature *not for the fainthearted*

Posted by M ws On Tuesday, June 4, 2013 0 comments
It all started when I came across this article about a half-sheep half-human baby. 

Then I clicked on a tab of another site about MUTANTS. Then I came across this link about 14 freaks of nature.

I am still reeling from shock and could only view till Slide No.5. I can feel the puke in my mouth. Arrrggh!!!

By the time I reached Slide #5, I shut my eyes tightly.

 and asked my son to view each subsequent slide and then to benchmark it against Slide #5.

*hyperventilating from shock*

Sorry. I am a fainthearted old lady.the

My verdict: Slide #2 and #5 are the worst of the lot. :-(

So if you are brave and can stand gelifying stuff, CLICK HERE and view the slides.

I disclaim responsibility for any puke or shock that anyone may suffer. :-( I am barely recovering from the horror of it all.

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