Health Tip: Stimulate Your Prostrate Using Your Feet

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No this isn't as kooky as it sounds! We are talking about using foot reflexology to treat your prostate problems. Reflexology uses the assumption that the feet are covered with "reflex points" that correspond to various parts of the body that when stimulated, send healing energy to specific body parts.

Some 50 per cent of men in their 50s and a huge 90 per cent of men in their 80s have Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) or will experience symptoms of prostate disease including a frequent urge to urinate,  dribbling of urine or the inability to empty the bladder completely.

Eva Urbaniak, N.D. a naturopathic physician offers a natural alternative to treating prostate problems. "There are reflex points on your feet that can send a surge of energy to the prostate, clearing out congestion and helping to restore it to health" she says.

In a study of the effectiveness of reflexology on improving the symptoms of prostate disease, performed by the Bauneholm School of Reflexology in Denmark, 46 participants found the following results; 65% experienced a reduction in their need to urinate, 67% experienced better bladder pressure, 60% experience overall improvement in their general condition and 80% experienced reduced sexual problems.

The best thing about this treatment is that you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. The instructions for massaging the points on your feet are set out below:

1. The prostate points are on the inside of each foot about an inch below the knob of the ankle bone and toward the heel.

2. Sit in a chair, bend over or lift both feet to the edge of the chair and 'pinch' the base of each heel with the thumb and forefinger of the corresponding hand, applying firm, steady pressure.

3. Then using a milking type motion, slowly move from the base of your heel toward your ankle bone.

4. Do this massage for a few minutes two to three times a day. 

Reference: British Journal of Urology; Gottlieb, B, "Alternative Cures" The Most Effective Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems; Bauneholm School of Reflexology, Denmark.

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