The Faithful Friend's Ecstatic Happiness

Posted by M ws On Monday, July 22, 2013 2 comments
I adopted Tiger from Mr. B in late December and since then, he has visited Tiger five times. On each occasion, the minute Tiger sees him at the gate, he goes into delirious mode barking ecstatically as though it was raining bones and dog strips from heaven.

Tiger sits in the front seat obediently whenever I drive anywhere.

On one occasion, Mr B brought his whole family as his eldest son had just returned from UK. Then, Tiger nearly broke down the grill door and leapt at every member of the family - thoroughly confused - as he did not know who to lick first. When they left, Tiger whined, whimpered and moaned for at least a good four hours. You see, dogs are the most faithful friends man can have in life. Even though it had been months since he had seen the eldest son, Tiger never forgot him or the other family members, particularly, Mr B.

Just last week, Mr B popped by again and Tiger recognized him before I realized it was him. As usual, he was rocking and shaking the grill door. He jumped and pawed at Mr B the minute he was in the house but after the warm and excited exchange, Tiger went back to sleep as it was his usual nap time. Undoubtedly, I know Tiger will always keep Mr B and his family in his heart regardless. That is true love and faithfulness.

Not only that, Tiger shows he has never forgotten Kim, the golden retriever belonging to Mr and Mrs B with whom Tiger played and bullied. Two weeks ago, we passed by a golden retriever in the neighbourhood and Tiger went crazy and jumped around in the car (I was driving) barking excitedly and whining when the golden retriever was out of sight.

Last weekend, a former student came to visit me and when his dad came to pick him up, the family dog, Brownie, a golden retriever, had come along. Tiger went hysterical because he thought it was Brownie. Initially, Brownie barked aggressively at Tiger but as Tiger and I approached him, she calmed down and made friendly overtures at Brownie. It was quite a sight to behold - Brownie reaching down from the window in her attempt to sniff/lick Tiger who tried to jump up to do the same.

Anyway, it is unfortunate I never thought of filming all those sequences I described here but I would like to share one video that Angela sent me to illustrate the deep love that dogs have for their owners.
The following video was uploaded a few days ago. After spending six months in duty, Lieutenant Gary Daugherty returned home to his little girl, Bugaboo. Watch the following video and you may then understand what I was describing earlier in this post. I am sure cats do the same to their owners :-).
Sadly, after a few days, the video was removed by the owner. Sorry! I will always be eternally grateful to Mr B and KL who arranged for the adoption. And for sure, I know the mutual and deep love, attachment and bond that Tiger shares with Mr B and his family. Truly, dogs are the best companions and most faithful friend man can have. 

Currently, Tiger is very unsettled as there is a dog in the neighbourhood that is in heat. With the mating season and the testersterones of neighbourhood dogs raging wildly, it has been particularly noisy not only in my house but in the neighbourhood. Regardless, my family love Tiger to bits. Wishing all pet owners wonderful moments with their pets. Do share your experiences with your pets. Have a nice day!

2 comments to The Faithful Friend's Ecstatic Happiness

  1. says:

    Gem Tiger certainly is one smart cookie! I adopted my GSD from her previous master when she was 6 months old and now, she doesn't know him from Adam. Perhaps at 6 months, she was a trifle young - kind of like how humans can't remember their babyhood.

  1. says:

    M ws Hi Gem

    Thank you so much for your compliment. Tiger says 'Woofderful!" :-)

    I am so sorry for this late response as I have been busy with visitors and coping with a recurring back injury.

    Take care and catch up soon!


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