Remembering Helen Thomas

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Here's an excellent post by Connor Simpson on Helen Thomas, a seasoned journalist who covered the White House for almost half a century and wrote about tne US Presidents. Read the tributes that others have given in remembrance of Helen Thomas.


Tributes have started rolling in for Helen Thomas, one of the first women to break into Washington's notoriously (to this day) male-dominated press corps. Her death was announced on Saturday by the Gridiron Club. Thomas was 92 years old.

The seasoned Washington reporter covered the White House for 49 years, spanning ten Presidents. Her first White House beat was covering the youthful idealism of the Kennedy presidency in 1960. Her career ended during a time of similar hope in the wake of the election of Barack Obama. Working for United Press International and Hearst Newspapers, she covered Nixon in China and the Reagan assassination attempt and, well, just about everything else that had to do with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and its occupants.


Other sites have also written beautiful articles about Helen Thomas:

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