How To Prevent Stomach Cancer and Peptic Ulcer

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Loss of appetite is usually a part of the normal aging process. Our digestive system tends to worsen with age especially when it comes to our stomach. However, some stomach or digestive problems don't necessarily relate to normal aging. Rather, the stomach may actually be aging prematurely or aging faster than it should.

If these stomach problems are left untreated, it can result to an increased risk of peptic ulcer and stomach cancer, which can start as early as age 30, with twice as much risk to those aged 50 and above! Of course, there's good news! There's a possible treatment that does not only help delay the aging process of the stomach, but rejuvenate it, too.
In this article, we'll tell you the surprising cause of 'aging' stomach including the latest treatment available.

Aging Stomach among Healthy People

One of the characteristics of aging stomach is thinner stomach lining, which makes it more susceptible to damage. This condition progresses rapidly, so you'll have 18 times increased risk of peptic ulcer, and 100 times the risk of having stomach cancer.

In one of the case studies conducted in Japan, 50% of the participants aged 40s-60s have their stomach aging 10 years ahead than the actual age. On the contrary, people who are 50 years and older have their stomach aged younger.

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