The WW II Awakening

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This article by B. Nantha Kumar first appeared in FMT in May, 2011. I read it then but did not share it here. Mr Krishnan sent it to me recently and I feel it should be shared to remember such a brave woman. Thanks to B Nantha Kumar for writing this brilliant tribute and to Mr Krishnan for sharing.

May Malaysians be encouraged by the courage of Sybil Kathigasu.

Sybil stirs a new awakening by B Nantha Kumar

Come June 12, it will be exactly 63 years since Sybil Kathigasu, the freedom fighter, died.

Most Malaysians know little of her. This is mainly because she, along with many other distinguished non-Malay freedom fighters, have been “buried” and forgotten by the ruling Umno government.

Why this is so is another hotly debated matter.

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