An Amazingly Awesome Surprise *don't miss this!*

Posted by M ws On Saturday, October 5, 2013 0 comments
Whenever I am in a romantic mood, I kind of dream of the kind of wedding my sons can have when they finally walk down the aisle with the chosen one.

"Mooooooom! It's gonna be my weddingggggg!" is the imaginary jolt to reality which might cut through my daydreams.

I spent the whole afternoon watching many YouTube clips and of all that I watched, a few stand out brilliantly.

1. Even after all these years, I still love Amy's Song which I have posted before.

2. Funny First Wedding Dance HERE.

3. Another FUNNY WEDDING DANCE.  Just be patient as the action begins only after 1.5 mins :-)

4. I just uploaded one of my former student's wedding held in Oct 2012.. The first time I met Lawrence in 2010, I already knew he and Katherine are a match made in heaven. Her wedding speech is one of the most touching ones that I have ever heard. That evening, my heart burst with joy and pride knowing my former English and Economics student has not only found true love and happiness, but has become most expressive and eloquent.

And, the video that made me cryyyyyyyyy and want to be young again, fall in love again to get married is definitely the following one which has garnered more than 20 MILLION views. Do leave a comment to share your thoughts. Enjoy the video and have a great weekend!

P.S. I've watched the video six times and am watching it for the seventh time now! I really miss my younger days when I organized and choreographed musical dramas and presentations. Oh - to be young again!!

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