Elections ala Ah Beng and other Jokes

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On the voting day for the national elections, Ah Beng  went into the polling booth to vote for the party he had chosen.

There were two parties  contesting in Ah Beng's area. One party had a tree as their symbol and another one  a Bull.

After 30 minutes in the booth, Ah Beng finally came out smiling and happy he had fulfilled his election responsibilities.

Because he took so long,  there was a long queue waiting outside the voting room.

Ah Lian was rather upset with Ah Beng and complained, “ Ah Beng, why did you have to take 30 minutes to vote for your party? There was a large crowd waiting for you to finish ”.

Ah Beng replied, “ Why do you complain so much. It is not so easy to draw a bull, you know? 30 minutes very fast already."


Ah Beng and Ah Lian were in the 20th floor and got into a lift and wanted to get down to the ground floor.

As they looked at the dial, they could see the number 20 down to number 1. It was then followed by a L. Ah Beng and his friend were not so good in English and did not know what L meant.

After thinking for a while, Ah Beng excitedly pressed “L”.

When they finally reached the ground floor, Ah Lian was so impressed and asked him "Ah Beng, you so smart huh , how come you know one?"

Ah Beng replied smugly, "easy lah.... L for Lau-Kah (ground floor in Hokkien)..."


Ah Beng wanted to earn some pocket money and so got a job to paint a bungalow belonging to a very rich man.

The rich man told Ah Beng, “ I want you to paint all the porches in the house”.

The bungalow was a large one and has many porches.

After half and hour, Ah Beng finished his assignment and spoke to the owner. “Boss, I have finished the job”.
The rich man was surprised that Ah Beng had completed the job so quickly and promptly paid him.

On the way out, Ah Beng shouted to the rich man , “Boss, that one not porche lah, it is a fellali.."

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