And on the Ninth Day

Posted by M ws On Tuesday, November 26, 2013 3 comments
 I came across this video when I wanted to leave a message for a dear old friend...very beautiful and specially for all dog lovers out there including Gem, Pak Yeh, Achibong and all blog readers who *heart* dogs ...It is may not be theologically correct but it really sums up the many blessings that our dogs give us daily....

Have a beautiful day!

3 comments to And on the Ninth Day

  1. says:

    pak yeh Yeah.!The video is right.
    Dogs were made by Allah to be man's best friend.!!!
    But the Ulamas turned dogs into dirty untouchable animals.!!!
    Not easy to change the Muslim mind, but I still try my best.
    sometimes I wonder whether the Muslims worship Allah or they worship their Ulama.???

    Quran3:78 "There is among them,people who distort thge book(quran)with their tongues."

    Quran 9:31 " they take their Priests (Ulamas) as their Lords in derogation of Allah."


  1. says:

    Gem Thanks for the dedication. With great sadness, I have to say that my Tiger has gone missing for a week. Still praying for a miracle that she will turn up at the front gate like she always did after a jaunt.

  1. says:

    achibong Wait for me guys… My wife yelled get out that couch, exercise is good for your body and mind. I choose walking, so God made a dog.

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