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Posted by M ws On Thursday, November 7, 2013 1 comments
It's been thirty odd years since I stopped playing the guitar seriously ...After dinner last night, I decided to dust my guitar case and told me younger boy that I'd like to teach him how to play 'If' (recorded by Bread)..

Halfway through, he ran away and I was left with my guitar. So I decided to record it via my smartphone...

So here it is...

If: CLICK HERE to listen to my rendition of IF on soundcloud.

Original version by Bread at this link.

Then I decided to play House of the Rising Sun...CLICK HERE

Ouch my finger tips still hurt...

and today, I recorded You Raise Me Up...

Condolences to my neighbours LOL!!!

But I enjoyed it...been some time I sang...

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  1. says:

    Shakirin Al-Ikram Huh now I can hear you too, kep up with the stringing and melodious voice going with it. Bit rusty but by Xmas you sure will have a rip-roaring time at Church and jamming in the home.
    Nothing like a big hearty sing-song and the trusty ole guitar!
    I went to few other YouT `need' songs and have drawn up Bread, `If' Anne Murray, Celine's `Because you love me', Josh and Bette Midler's `Wind beneath my Wings' for niece's Wedding this Saturday!
    Thanks for making me want to sing again. Beats being stressed up and melancholic!

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