The Much Older Woman and the Much Younger Man

Posted by M ws On Monday, November 4, 2013 4 comments
In today's world, anything can happen and SEEING is believing.
This 60 year old lady married a 28 year old young man.
The man is a Chinese national badminton player.

What a sensation!

Is it possible for a 60 year-old thrice-married woman to marry a handsome 28 year-old Chinese badminton star, who is himself from a rich family background?

Perhaps this is because she looks more like 30 than 60!  I guess anything is possible in China nowadays.
For those who can't read Mandarin, here's the translation: (Hoi, what kind of england translation is this? hehehe)

Liu's fourth marriage
Liu Xiaoqing 60? She looks like she is still in her 30s.

Liu Xiaoqing 60, Yi Gang 28, recently married in San Francisco.  Difference of 32 years but the picture looks hottie, not nausea.

But Liu's 33 years old, easy to just be a year old baby, think it is very scary.

Liu Xiaoqing say nothing of the introduction, the Chinese badminton national team Yi Gang, Liu Xiaoqing guy broker, Chinese-American Long live the United States.

Yi Gang good family background, his family was wealthy, like Liu Xiaoqing non covet wealth.  The problem is older than Yi Liu's parents just a little bigger, I do not know how to call the future?

Thanks to Mr TSK who shared this post (not written by me, not corrected either..) which I believe is a translation that someone shared with Mr TSK who shared it with me, and now I am sharing with my blog readers.

For sure, when I am 60, I hope to have that complexion and figure...dreaming :-)

4 comments to The Much Older Woman and the Much Younger Man

  1. says:

    Gem Don't know if it's just England mistake but do note that his family WAS wealthy, past tense. No doubts, however, that the sexagenarian is anything but wealthy; how else could she afford to undergo every invasive procedure necessary to look half her age.

  1. says:

    M ws Thanks, Gem! I did not write the article...:-) and don't correct articles written by other sources...only those written by family or students...

    I have posted speeches by other VIPs in the country and also did not correct their 'England' out of respect as I posted their speeches/materials.

    Hope this clears the air ...:-) I have been ill but still ok lah where writing is concerned..Thank God!

    As mentioned, the article was sent to me by Mr TSK. Appreciate the heads up.

    Take care and God bless!


  1. says:

    Gem Duh...didn't mean to suggest you should make any corrections at all when it was obvious you were quoting verbatim from the article. Am enjoying your posts even when silently lurking. Keep well!

  1. says:

    M ws Hi Gem

    It is's good that you mentioned it for some of my former students might be wondering why I did not correct the errors. I usually mention it for there are a few who might not be two and two together...

    For two days I have not had to take medication...

    Am scheduled for three tests and already have been ordered to do those asap by my GP who immediately wrote an admission letter when I saw him two weeks ago. I just to have be brave enough to go to the hospital to get myself admitted.

    Staying in the hosp for three days is not sth i means i cannot see Tiger for three whole days. Hubby and son can be with me at the hosp but not Tiger...:-(

    Am not sure how Tiger will react in a skype call LOL!

    Take care and God bless..


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