Sex and the Smartphone

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Here's a very interesting article.


Heads up ladies! Sex and the smartphone do not mix. It is not just the guys. Seems ladies are equally guilty of using our high tech in bed and paying less attention to the living, breathing creature next to us.

A recent study asked women what they would give up for a month and they reported they would rather give up sex than their smartphones. They also revealed some other shockers as well.

Almost 80 percent check their phones at least once per hour. Almost 50 percent have it on the nightstand while they sleep; five percent choose to have the phone in the bed with them. Three in four admit to texting while driving. Well over half do not neglect the phone during dinner, but over 70 percent say they are not addicted.

Then there’s the sex thing. Forty-eight percent of women report that they would rather give up sex for one month than their smartphone. The study was a joint venture by Real Simple and Huffington Post in which 3,583 women were asked about their smartphone habits. As if the sex thing was not bad enough, almost 40 percent admit to taking their phones into the restroom. Ladies, what has become of our manners? Not to mention our precious time. Has time become such a precious commodity that bathroom unmentionables have been invaded?

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