The Reunion Dinner

Posted by M ws On Thursday, January 30, 2014 1 comments
Most Chinese families would have gone into full throttle preparing for the CNY reunion dinner or even the day before. When I was at the market yesterday evening, I was aghast with horror as I had never seen such a huge crowd before. For sure, the rising prices of consumer goods have made it almost necessary for Malaysians to tighten their belts for the CNY.

Since my father passed away in 2007, CNY has become a very painful period for me. Being an only child, I am grimly reminded of how I am now 'alone' with no parents with whom I can celebrate. Hence, I only prepare a reunion steamboat lunch for my own family, join my in-laws for reunion dinner and visit only two or three families.Still, I cannot deny that CNY is the best time to renew and strengthen family bonds.

CNY is beyond buying new clothes, eating and visitations. There is so much significance tied to this festive season and cultural practices or symbols.

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                                        The 'yee sang' dish

To all who celebrate Chinese New Year, I wish you all Xin Nian Kuai Ler!

1 comments to The Reunion Dinner

  1. says:

    mamasita Gong Xi Fa Cai Paula,
    May you and all your loved ones saunter and gallop beautifully into a healthy, happy and ever prosperous New Year.

    Oneday, when we're gone, our children will miss us just as much as we do for our late please do not feel too sad.
    That is life..

    * loud crackers * ^_^

    May we stay good pals forever!

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