Cancer in Disguise

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Here's an excellent article which Angela shared with me.


Singapore - "Sorry, Corporal!" "Sorry? Carry on!"

My poor platoon mate was almost deaf in one ear from the thunderous roar of our army instructor.
He dutifully carried out 20 push-ups under the pitiless Pulau Tekong sun.

This was a memory from 25 years ago - basic military training during national service.

We were a bunch of hapless fresh recruits being taught the technique of using leaves and other vegetation to disguise ourselves from enemy forces.

My platoon mate's rather comical choice of leaves to camouflage himself, however, would probably draw the unwanted attention of the potential enemy.

Our army instructor failed to see the humour.

To survive in a hostile war environment, a soldier needs to learn how to avoid being detected and attacked by enemy forces.

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