Firechat: No need for Internet of Phone Connection!

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Buried within the settings of Apple’s iOS 7 is a feature that could revolutionise how we communicate.

Called the Multipeer Connectivity Framework (MCF), it lets you send messages and photos even when a person has no signal.

Now a group of developers has created a free iPhone app called FireChat that takes advantage of this feature - and it even works over long distances.

The FireChat app was developed by the crowdsourced firm Open Garden. When a user opens the app, they can pick a screen name to start sending messages.

Within the app there are 'chatrooms' with 'Everyone' and 'Nearby' options.

The former will search for all users, while the latter option applies to people within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range who are also using the app.

This is particularly useful when on a plane, or the underground. It can also be used to save money on data plans, for example.

Apple added MCF to its iOS 7 software last year.

It creates what is called a wireless mesh network that connects phones to each other.

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