An Unexpected and Tragic Departure!

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This morning, I met up with my former student, Peter Ooi, and his family who live in Richmond. On my way to Flamingo Hotel, I passed the home of the late Karpal Singh. A long slow crawl...but for once - no one honked. No one overtook. It was almost as if all drivers were waiting in anticipation of that moment in front of his home just to whisper a prayer for the late Tiger of Jelutong.

I was right behind a lorry that was ferrying plastic chairs to the home. On both sides of the road were scores of reporters and concerned citizens. A lump filled my throat as I passed the house. My attempt to take a snapshot failed as some policemen were standing on the pavement to my right.

On my way home after spending time with Peter and his family, once again, I passed by the home. This time, workers were busy putting up structures and again, the traffic was moving solemnly at a crawl.

I believe the nation is quietly crying within. Seldom has Malaysia seen a politician who has been consistent in his zeal, zest and fervour for justice. If there is any man worthy of being called the exemplary opposition leader, it would be Karpal Singh.

Truly, he has left a void that NONE can ever fill...or maybe his sons or a new breed of political leaders who do not pander to the whims and fancies of leaders but to justice and truth.

May he and his loyal assistant rest in peace always. May his family be comforted during this period of grief. My deepest condolences to his loved ones and friends. Please leave a comment or tribute to this model leader if you are moved to do so. Thank you.

Here is another moving piece ...

It was an emotional and teary morning at the Ipoh Hospital's Forensic Department as Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh's body arrived for a post-mortem at 7.20am.

Karpal's body will be taken back to his family home in Penang today and he is expected to be cremated at the Sikh cremation hall on Jalan Gurdwara at 11am on Sunday.

Arriving with his body from Kampar, where Karpal together with his helper, Michael Cornelius, died on-the-spot in an accident near the Gopeng exit of the North-South Expressway, was his son, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo, who looked exhausted.

Though he appeared distraught as he himself had been admitted to hospital in Kuala Lumpur recently, Gobind  (on the left) was calm and collected as he took questions from the army of reporters who have come to the hospital from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang.

Karpal's wife, Gurmit Kaur, was also in tears as she entered the waiting hall, wearing a purple scarf over her head, as relatives accompanied her into the Forensic Department's waiting area.

She was speechless but her pain was apparent as many approach her to offer condolences, as they hugged her and held her tight.

Others waiting at the scene were Karpal’s son Penang executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Perak PAS chairperson Nizar Jamaluddin and Penang leaders such as state exco member Phee Boon Poh and Seri Delima assemblyperson RSN Rayer.

As one point, Lim was seen in tears as he hugged Gobind, offering his condolences, drawing tears from onlookers as well.

Since then, many supporters of the veteran lawyer and DAP, have gathered outside the building, which was only officially opened yesterday.

About 8.30am, Karpal's driver, C Selvam was seen approaching the building, sobbing loudly, as he was whisked away by several others.

A security guard, who happens to hail from Dato Keramat in Penang, where Jagdeep is the assemblyperson, said Karpal is the first person to be brought to the mortuary.

"We have not seen such a big man die here before. This is the first time we are seeing this. I knew about the incident at 5am and I am shocked as I know about the  political careers of Karpal and his son Jagdeep," the guard, who did not want to be named, told Malaysiakini.

Extracted from Malaysiakini

3 comments to An Unexpected and Tragic Departure!

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    achibong There goes a selfless man who fought to the end for what he believes in, a man who cares not for fame, position and honorifics. A lesser compatriot succumbed to switching sides, made a bundle and bestowed a Tan Sri that came with obscene perks.

    But he stood firm, he stood by his principle, and he felled defending that principle closest to his heart – justice and fairness for all. Farewell Mr. Karpal Singh, Malaysian parliament has lost a permanent fixture, Malaysian politics has lost an iconic figure, and Malaysian democracy has lost a glimmer of hope.

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    mike scorpion Malaysia has lost one of its finest sons and an icon to the oppressed and whatever words and compliments that befits this great soul. The roar of the tiger will continue to roar in parliament. Show them Gobind.

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    patches At breakfast yesterday morning, my husband told me, your hero, Karpal Singh has died in a car accident near Gua Tempurong late last night. My heart was heavy and depressed -
    I want to express my deep condolences and prayers to his family and to all Malaysians who love him - we will forever hold his memory deep within our hearts. Will we have another fearless fighter for truth and justice?

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